Last week it was officially announced that Norwegian Simeon Thoresen has a new bout scheduled on the 26th of January in Chicago, Illinois. This will be his 3rd UFC match in less than a year.

Simeon Thoresen
Simeon Thoresen | Photo by Miss skOOm

Having met Simeon on several occasions, but never actually interviewed him, I was thrilled to get the rumors of the fight announcement confirmed. I rushed down to Frontline Academy (Oslo) to congratulate him, and tell him we should cook up an interview of some sort. Much to my surprise, Simeon seemed just as calm and nonchalant about the news, as he would have been if I was to ask him ”what´s on your sandwich today?”.. He smiled, and got back to sparring with one of his team-mates.

I later discovered that this seemed to be a pattern repeating itself in many of his endeavors. As I sat on the mat, watching him train for two hours, I started seeing an – almost unnaturally – calm and reflected creature unravel before me. It is fascinating! Believe me. This man has a way of controlling his mind and body, that it can be nothing short of unique. If someone were to throw bulldozer-strength punches and flying knees my way, I sure as heck would be stressing out! But, not this man. He will even look at you with a slight grin, as he takes the punches. Well, the few that actually get a chance to come near him.

Not only is he tranquility himself. He is fast as lightening. When he shoots, you probably won´t know what hit you, until it´s too late – and you find yourself locked in a lethal reverse triangle. Yikes!

Well, enough about my observations, and back to the hard facts. The lucky contender facing Simeon Thoresen for UFC On Fox 6, is David Mitchell from Windsor, California. He has an overall record of 11 wins and 2 losses, and has 0 wins and 2 losses in the Octagon. Simeon has an overall record of 17 wins and 3 losses, and has 1 win and 1 loss in the UFC.

I can promise you one thing, readers: There is NO way I am watching this fight through the peeper-box. I will get that front-row press pass, one way or the other – and report live back to you on the 26th of January.

Count on it!
-Miss skOOm.

Watch the Video Here