IRFA 5 will soon be happening, and the promotion have now decided on the main event. Swede and decorated Muay Thai artist Daniel Teymur  (0-0-0) will make his MMA debut against the polish Piotr Paczek (2-1-1). IRFA 5 will be happening in Solnahallen in Solna, Sweden at 19th of October.

Daniel trains out of Allstars gym in Stockholm and is also booked for a Muay Thai fight against the skilled Genc Uka at Battle of Lund on 5th of October. His brother will also make his debut on the same card. IRFA 5 is stacked with local talent and promising potential, check out the rest of the fights below, and stay tuned on MMAViking for more news.

Main Card IRFA 5

daniel teymur

carlos prada



david teymur

karl albrektsson

Super Charity Fight IRFA 5

82kg 1x5min Edward Russo Storm MMA Sthlm vs Jonas Dahlberg Rönninge Fightclub

Under Card IRFA 5

75kg 2x5min Tony Blomqvist Pancrase Gym vs Emilio Losciale Allstars Gym

73kg 2x5min Mikael Tunc Pancrase Gym vs Jimmie Jensen Fightzone Stlm

88kg 1x5min Timmy Cosyns Perrys Gym vs Rostam Akman Fightzone Sthlm