is live tonight at the Brøndbyhallen in Denmark for European MMA 6 (EUMMA 6). The Dane-versus-Dane matchup of Nicolas Dalby and Morten Djursaa headline the card, with Danish Olympic wrestler Mark O. Madsen also making a debut. Swedes send two of their best in Nico Musoke and Andreas Stahl. Also, Danish fighter Christian Colombo will get his chance at the heavyweight title.

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For an event preview, check this out.

-66kg – Mads Burnell (0-0-0, Denmark) vs. Aleksander Sredanovic (2-0-0, Netherlands)

Brunell  pushes the pace from the start and connects with a quick right. Brunell shoots in and takes down Sredanovic. Brunell passes Sredanovic’s guard  with ease and sinks in an anaconda choke. Sredanovic has no option but to tap.

WINNER: Mads Brunell (1-0-0 ) by submission (anaconda choke).

-70kg – Ayub Tashkilot (10-3-0. Denmark) vs. Ruben Crawford (13-2-0, Germany)

Tashkilot lands a quick one-two. Again, Tashkilot lands a lightning fast straight right. Tashkilot’s striking looks crisp as he rips another left hook to the body of Crawford. A quick time-out while Tashkilot receives a poke to the eye. They restart and Tashkilot attacks quickly and lands a clean straight right that puts Crawford to sleep. Clean knock-out.

WINNER: Ayub Tashkilot (11-3-0) by knock-out.

-76kg – Mark O. Madsen (0-0-0, Denmark) vs. Philipp Henze (0-1-0, Germany)

Madsen quickly grabs a hold of Henze with a body lock. Madsen lifts up Henze and slams him down to the mat, landing in side-mount. Madsen rains down huge hammerfists. The referee looks closely but doesn’t step in. Madsen steps into half-guard and continues to ground and pound. The referee has seen enough and steps in.

WINNER: Mark O. Madsen (1-0-0) by T.K.O.

-120kg – Christian Colombo (6-1-0, Denmark) vs. Andreas Kraniotakes (17-7-0, Germany)

Kraniotakes swings a huge haymaker, but doesn’t connect. Colombo pushes the action and keeps Kraniotakes up against the cage. Colombos’ striking looks excellent as he keeps pressuring Kraniotakes backwards. Kraniotakes shoots in and tries to take Colombo down but Colombo sprawls him to the ground. Colombo spins aroung and takes Kraniotakes’ back. Colombo backs off and lets Kraniotakes up. Kraniotakes tries to grab a guillotine, but Colombo takes him down and lands in side-mount. Colombo backs off again and let’s Kraniotakes back to his feet. Colombo lands a fluch knee to the face of Kraniotakes. Kraniotakes is pushed up against the fence and lands a spinning elbow. Colombo keeps Kraniotakes pressed up against the fence and tees off on Kraniotakes.

Kraniotakes lands a quick leg kick, but Colombo continues to pressure him up against the cage. Kraniotakes doesn’t seem to have any answer to Colombo’s striking. Colombo stays on the outside pressuring Kraniotakes up agains’t the cage and picking him off with clean jabs and crisp combinations. Kraniotakes shoots in for a take down, but Colombo shakes him off with ease. Kraniotakes is showing signs of fatigue as he is constantly pressured by Godzilla. Colombo continues to attack with strikes while Kraniotakes is covered up.

The round begins and Kraniotakes looks noticeably tired. Colombo continues to push Kraniotakes backwards, and remain in striking distance. Kraniotakes shoots in for a singleleg, but Colombo shakes him off again. Colombo continues his barrage of strikes up against the cage with big bodyshots, clean jabs and step-in elbows. Colombo connects with a knee to the head and Kraniotakes falls down. Colombo backs off and let’s Kraniotakes back up. Kraniotakes shoots in again but is once again sprawled to the ground. Colombo backs off and the fight is back to their feet. Kraniotakes shoots in again and i successful. Colombo scrambles backwards to the cage and gets to his knees and reverses the positions. Colombo backs off and forces Kraniotakes to stand with him again. Colombo kepps pressuring a clearly out-classed Kraniotakes.  Colombo lands another knee and drops Kraniotakes. Colombo lands in side-mount and advances to a mounted crucifix. The final bell rings. This can only be 3 straight rounds for Colombo.

WINNER: Christian Colombo (7-1-0) by decision

-77kg – Nicolas Dalby (10-0-0, Denmark) vs. (C) Morten Djursaa (12-4-0, Denmark)


The fighters touch gloves and meet in the middle of the cage. Djursaa clinches and pushes Dalby up again the cage. Dalby seperates and attacks with a flurry of punches. Dalby fires a signature highkick, only hits air. They clinch up up again. Djursaa lands a knee to the body that drops Dalby. They stand and clinch again. Dalby lands a clean left hook and drops Djursaa. Dalby pounces on Djursaa and begins to ground and pound before the ref jumps in to save Djursaa.

WINNER: Nicolas Dalby (11-0-0) by TKO.

-79kg – Veselin Dimitrov (9-5-0, Bulgaria) vs. Andreas Ståhl (8-0-0, Sweden)

The fighters come out swinging. Dimitrov initiates the clinch but Ståhl reverses the position and pushes Dimitrov up against the cage. Ståhl looks excellent as he clinches up Dimitrov and lands a flurry of knees and uppercuts that drop Dimitrov. Dimitrov turtles up and Ståhl starts to lans big shots. The referee has seen enough and steps in.

WINNER: Andreas Ståhl (9-0-0) by TKO.

-70kg – Søren Bak (2-0-0, Denmark) vs. Dagir Imagov (2-0-0, France)

The fighters touch gloves.  There is no feeling out process here as Imagov fires away with punches in bunches. Bak shoots in and takes Imagov down and lands in side-mount. Imagov regains half-guard. Imagov gets to full guard and tried to shut down Bak. Imagov sweeps Bak and the fighters are back on their feet. Bak shoots in, but Imagov quickly defends and is pushed up against the fence. Imagov tries to hip toss bak, but lands on the bottom. Bak advances to full mount and starts to rain down elbows. Bak thows more strikes from top position while Imagov desperately tries to defend himself. Imagov is saved by the bell.


The fighters feel eachother out. Imagov lands a nice straight right. Again Imagov with a beautiful one-two combination. Bak initiates the clinch and forces Imagov up against the cage. The fighters seperate. Again Bak shoots in and cliches Imagov up against the cage but Imagov seperates. Imagov with a nice left hook. Bak answers and takes Imagov down and lands in half-guard. Bak starts to land some nice elbows and hammerfists from half-guard. Bak passes and gets to side-mount and starts to throw short elbows and punches. Bak get the mounted crucifix bit Imagov quickly gets back to side-mount. Once again Bak is in full mount, but Imagov is saved by the bell once again.


The fighters meet in the middle of the cage. Bak shoots in again and takes down Imagov. Bal spins around and takes back of Imagov. Bak sinks in the rear-naked choke and Imagov is forced to tap.

WINNER: Søren Bak (3-0-0) by submission (rear naked choke)

-77kg – Thomas Formo (1-1-0, Norway) vs. Timon Becker (1-1-0. Germany)

The fighters meet in the centre of the cage Formo cliches up and lands a flush knee. Becker goes down and Forma lands some cleans shots. The fighters are back up. Becker takes down Formo but Formo stays active. Formo tries for a quick armbar but Becker sees it and gets out. Formo throws up a triangle and sinks it in. Becker is forced to tap.

WINNER: Thomas Formo (2-1-0) by submission (triangle choke).

-79kg – Mikkel Guldbæk (16-3-0, Denmark) vs. Nico Musoke (10-2-1, Sweden)

This fight will NOT happen. Guldbaek injured his hand today, and will not  be able to fight.  This was relayed to the team on location.