Tobias Harila‘s (9-2) highlight reel continues to grow as he took out Decky McAleenan (7-4-1) in London at Cage Warriors 134.  The Swede needed only 115 seconds to KO McAleenen in spectacular fashion to get back on a winning streak.

McAleenen landed a good left punch to start the bout, but Tobias closes the distance quickly and lands a rocket right hand.  Decky grabs a body lock and takes Harila straight to his back, but the Swede immediately gets up.  The Västerås figher leads with a left hook, and this time follows with a combination.

Tobias landing a series of shots that hurts McAleenan, a little space and Tobias lands a knee then moves forward on the wobbled opponent and just power left right and left right hands to the head and a final left hand just drops McAleenan to the mat and straight on his face.

It is all over at 1 minute and 55 seconds.