Allstars Training Center’s Carlos Prada (5-4) will head to Finland to battle Brazilian Rafael Domingos (4-0) at CAGE 30 on the 16th of May in Helsinki.  “I was supposed to fight him before” says Prada to as he does final preparations for the bout.

“It didn’t go so well” says the Swede, who reflects on his prior fight in Finland back in 2009, where he was TKO’d by Risto Koivisto at Botnia Punishment 9. “Hopefully this time it will go better” says the day-time lawyer as he steps back in the cage for the first time since losing a controversial decision in Poland against local fighter Kamil Lebkowski in October.

“It’s going to be a good fight” says Prada about the matchup against the multiple BJJ World Champion Domingos who will make his debut after signing a CAGE contract. “I have an all around style…. I do it all” says the featherweight about the matchup of skills.

While his official record shows 5 wins and 4 losses, Prada sees things a bit different. “I’ve won 7 fights and I’ve lost 2.” is how the Allstars Training Center fighter sees his career.

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