Vision Fighting Championship held weigh-ins for Saturday’s card in Karlstad, Sweden. The bout will feature two title bouts and one title contender.  All fighters were on weight for the card.  Below are pictures taken by Kittil Aarnes from these anticipated Vision “Fight Night 1″ bouts.

Jani Lax Versus Bobby Mcvitie


Jonatan Westin vs Robert Radomski


Niklas Bäckström Versus Thomas Moon Lee Hytten


Fight Card
Jani Lax VS Bobby Mcvitie – kl20,50 – TITLE BOUT -70,3kg
Jonatan Westin vs Robert Radomski – kl20,25 – TITLE BOUT -77,1kg
Thomas Moon Lee vs Niklas Bäckström kl20,00 – CONTENDER TITLE FIGHT- 65,8kg
Dennis Erdogan vs Niclas Danielsson kl19,40 -77,1kg
Sharyar Shayar vs Marcus Andersson kl19,20 – 83,9kg
Johan Sjölin vs Botan Tokay kl19,00 – 65,8kg
Håkon Foss vs Nisse Påholm kl18,40 – 77,1kg
Jonas Krus vs Mikael Gustavsson – kl18,20 -120,0kg
Kenny Karlsson vs Emil Alqvist – kl18,00 -70,3kg
Kristian Lexell vs Sam Boo – – 83,9kg