Emil Weber Meek (8-2-1-1) stops Rousimar Palhares (18-7) in less than a minute by countering a single leg with elbows and then punches to the head to quickly KO the Brazilian!  “I’m here to shock the world” said Meek to MMAViking.com about the opportunity to fight the UFC veteran and WSOF champion, and he did just that at Venator FC III.

Meek Destroys Palhares at Venator 3 (Photo by Fabio Barbieri)

There was short feeling out period in Italy, where the two fighters exchanged a few punches without much intention. Then Palhares dove in for a single leg and had it against the cage looking to get the fight to the ground. With the Norwegian’s back to the fence, the Frontline MMA Academy fighter landed hard elbows with mean intentions which stunned the Brazilian. Quickly turning on top of the dangerous fighter, Meek wasted no time in punching Toquino in the side of the head with quick and powerful blows, and again, and again, and again until the referee jumped in at just 45 seconds!!!

While Palhares didn’t seem to like the decision, he was wobbled when he tried to get up and obviously hurt. In the end, both fighters were respectful, and shook hands. Just a huge win for Emil Weber Meek.

Meek is now on a three fight winning streak.  He beat one of the most feared men in MMA history, and just did what four men (Mike Pierce, Steve Carl, Jon Fitch, and Jake Shields) couldn’t do previously, and that is avoid a Palhares submission.