Swede Andreas Ståhl (9 wins, 0 losses, #5 Nordic Lightweight) will make his UFC debut versus Brazilian Gilbert Burns (7 wins, 0 losses) on the UFC on FOX 12 card at SAP Center in San Jose, California. Get live updates on the Renyi fighter’s prelim bout below.

Sherdog STahl Pic
Stahl and Burns Face-off (Photo from Sherdog.com)


Round 1
Ståhl and Burns touch gloves and Burns throws a right hand over the top and then a following leg kick, but Ståhl blasts forward with a flurry and pushes the action against the fence. Reversal by Burns, who know pressures Ståhl against the cage. Burns searches for a takedown and fails, then is reversed by Ståhl. Left hand and a knee from Ståhl, and Burns answers. The two headfight and Burns reverses Ståhl once more. Ståhl works the body, then circles out staying in the pocket and landing with two heavy consecutive hands. Ståhl with an overhand right, clearly the aggressor. Ståhl puts Burns to the cage again, and throws heavy knees up the middle, but is reversed. Burns attempts a spinning back fist but loses position, and Ståhl punishes him for it. A cut is apparent on the eye of Burns, and the constant pressure from Ståhl is wearing on his opponent. Burns throws combinations in bunches, and as Ståhl covers up, Burns shoots for a double leg, stalled against the fence, then Ståhl sprawls. Burns is back up and pursues the takedown, finally securing it. Ståhl makes it to his feet once more, and on the break tags the Brazilian again. The round ends and Ståhl appears to have a broken nose.

Round 2

As the bell sounds, Ståhl blazes forth and pushes Burns to the fence with a flurry of strikes. The two circle, and the Brazilian attacks with a solid leg kick, but the Swede applies his favorite force, and puts the pressure on Burns, pushing him to the cage. Burns circles out, and Ståhl takes the center, the blazes forward with a left, a right overhand, and suddenly Burns’ back is against the cage. Ståhl throws a knee up the center and break. Ståhl with a spinning back fist that lands on the hands of the Brazilian. Burns blazes forward with a flurry of hands, but Ståhl is covered. A right hand and a high kick land to the head of the Swede, and the Brazilian sees his opportunity to take him down. Burns lands in side control, and is applying tight chest to chest pressure, but Ståhl manages to get it back to his feet after a scramble. Ståhl comes on aggressively to punctuate the round with 30 seconds left, and lands a hard right hand before clinching, but Burns cracks him, puts him against the fence and tees off with a spinning back kick. The round ends with Ståhl looking bruised and injured, but willing, and Burns looking dominant.

Round 3

The final round begins with a flurry of strikes for Burns, who pushes Ståhl to the cage. Shots to the body once more by the Brazilian and Ståhl, with what appears to be a broken nose, really feels them. The Swede manages to push off the cage, and circles. Ståhl pushes forward, and puts Burns’ back to the cage. They break again, and Ståhl attempts a flying knee, but the fire is returned by a motivated Burns, who delivers a head kick and a right hand, before eventually being pushed back against the cage by the Swede. As Real Steel searches for a takedown, Burns uses the opportunity to circle out, but it’s Real Steel in the center of the octagon. A missed kick, and Ståhl pursues Burns across the octagon. Burns returns with a left and right, but it lands on the gloves, and Ståhl slips under to deliver a slick uppercut. Burns with a flying knee which forces Ståhl to the cage, and Burns delivers with a spinning elbow once more, but this one lands. A solid leg kick from Ståhl who has escaped from the cage to take the center. The Swede applies his beloved pressure once more and attempts to finish the round there against the cage, but it doesn’t happen, and we go to the judge’s decision.’

The Judges have scored this bout in favor of Gilbert Burns, by way of Unanimous Decision, handing Andreas “Real Steel” Ståhl his first loss.