Finnish lightweight Anton Kuivanen was victorious over Mitch Clarke at UFC 149.  Kuivanen was seeking Finland’s first victory in the Octagon in his bout against the Canadian Clarke.  The card is headlined by Urijah Faber vs. Renan Barao and took place in Calgary, Canada at Scotiabank Saddledome. Below is the live play-by-play.

Anton Kuivanen vs Mitch Clarke on UFC Prelim

Play-By-Play and Results

Kuivanen came into the ring first.  He looks confident walking into the Octagon.  The crowd erupts as Mitch Clarke walks in.  “What a round of applause” says Joe Rogan on the broadcast.

Kuivanen Was Confident

Round 1

The two touch gloves and Anton looks aggressive.  “The kid is ripped” says Rogan as he comments on the Finn’s muscular body.  Anton defends a takedown well, but Mitch finishes against the cage for the first takedown. One minute in, and Kuivanen is down, but fights for a switch to reverse the situation, but is taken down to the mat.

Clarke is on top looking for a submission, but Kuivanen reverses the situation and takes top position.

Kuivanen lands a good right on top, and looks for elbows to damage his opponent.  Clarke looking for an armbar, and continues to throw up submissions, but Kuivanen looks to be in control.

Kuivanen is caught in an armbar… it’s tight!  Kuivanen battles out, and survives.  Close call  with 1 minute left in the round.  The Canadian is going for a kimura, and has Kuivanen’s back.  Kuivanen back into safety on his back taking full guard.  End of round 1.

MMA Viking Scorecard – 10-9 Round for Clarke.

Round 2

Anton lands a nice left as the second round starts, and the two look for an advantage as the fight stays standing.  Kuivanen defends the take-down, looking for a kimura, but eventually gives it up and is again on his back.  Kuivanen tries to escape, and is able to scrambles out.  The Finn is on top, looking for a front choke.

Kuivanen In Trouble Early

Kuivanen finds his way to side control with 2 minutes left in the round.  Clarke is trying to get out, and grabs a single leg.  Kuivanen defends and sprawls, but again Clarke tries to finish, but Kuivanen reverses the position as it hits to the mat and takes top position.

“You gotta work” yells the ref, and Kuivanen tries for damage.  Clarke lands a nice up-kick to the Finn’s face, but Kuivanen looking for a leg lock as he drops down searching for an ankle.  The two exchanged punches from the ground to end the round, with Kuivanen landing a good strike right as it ends.

The two high-five to end the round.

MMA Viking Scorecard – 10-9 Round for Kuivanen.  Close!

Round 3

Kuivanen looking for punches and knees.  Again, Clarke scrambling for a takedown, but Kuivanen with a switch and on top.  Kuivanen with some nice punches to the face, and looking for a guillotine.  Side control for the Helsinki fighter, and Clarke pushes off the cage.  3 minutes left in the round.  “Dude looks really big for 155lbs” says Rogan as he discusses the Finn on top.  Clark looking for a kimura, but Kuivanen still on top and drops some elbows to the body.  Kuivanen pulls out his arm, and punches the Canadian to the face.

Kuivanen Takes Control

Kuivanen and Clarke are on their feet.  Kuivanen now takes the bout to the ground, taking down the local.  Kuivanen is taking control of the round.  Punches from Kuivanen.  20 seconds left and there is bloom… big knee from Kuivanen!  “Finn Finishes Strong” says the broadcast team.

“Great fight” as the two exchange words.  The two fighters respectfully pay dues to each other after the spirited battle.  Great way to

MMA Viking Scorecard – 10-9 Round for Kuivanen.

Kuivanen Statistics Impress

MMA Viking Scorecard – 29-28 for Kuivanen.

The score cards are read.  Kuivanen 29-28, Clarke 29-28, and the last judge goes 29-28 for Kuivanen for a split decision victory!  Kuivanen Wins!

Kuivanen Wins!

The two fighters were very supportive of each other’s effort. After Kuivanenen was announced the winner, Clarke raised the Finn’s arm showing respect for the judges decision and the good effort from his opponent.

After The Fight