Unibet.com has announced that you can “watch and bet on Battle of Botnia 4 exclusively at Unibet” this weekend. A translated version of the announcement (originally in Swedish) can be seen below:

Follow all the action direct from Gammliahallen in Umeå exclusively on Sweden’s best live betting website! Information about the fighter and the odds can be found below …

Battle of Botnia kicks off at 18:00 Saturday September 24th with fierce action following in the ring.

Tor Troéng – Tomas Kuzela
Swede Tor Troëng is a public favorite and will meet the Czech Tomas Kuzela. Will Tor be victorious from this battle and improve his record 13-4 gives the odds of 1.20. He wins in the knock out even?

David Häggström – Greg Knapp
The next Swede in the ring is David Häggström, who has won four of his five appearances. David will take on the bearded Britton Greg Knapp, and as usual when a Brit is in the ring so there will be a lot of swinging and not so much hugging on the canvas. The Swede is the favorite to win at 1.50.

Andreas Ståhl – Domingos Mestre
completely Swedish settlement. The experienced Mestre set against tough opposition in the form of Andreas Ståhl so far is undefeated in five matches. Stahl believed to be closest victory and is a favorite at 1.50 to win the match.

Thomas Bäck – Leandro Gontijo
Bäck’s has a record of four wins and four losses. 1.50 gives Grupo Gontijo while the back pay 2.40 to win.

Kristian Lexell – Allan Love
Swede Lexell meets Allan “No” Love with ten matches, seven wins, all by TKO or submission. Expect a constant battle when these two gentlemen fight, but the closest victory of faith Kristian lie under the odds at 1.65.

Log into the Unibet Live Betting Client at 18:00 on Saturday to watch the gala, broadcast live by Sweden’s best live betting website! As usual, you need a Unibet account to be able to see everything that we broadcast.

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Official Trailer for the Event

Weigh-in Video

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