Cage 19 weigh-ins were held tonight at the Sports Academy in downtown Helsinki, Finland. Results and photos provided by

Fights will start to tomorrow at 18.00 EET. MMA Viking will provide live play-by-play from the event.

Bantamweight Cage title fight:  Timo-Juhani Hirvikangas (61,2 kg) vs Olivier Pastor (61,2 kg) 

Welterweight: Kai Puolakka (77,0 kg) vs Johan Vänttinen (76,7 kg) 

Featherweight: Greger Forsell (65,2 kg) vs Tommi Marttinen (66,0 kg, continued to cut weight)

Lightweight: Musa Amagov (70,2 kg) vs Ott Tõnissaar (70,2 kg) 

Featherweight: Marcio Cesar (66,1 kg) vs. Juan Barrantes (66,7 kg, continued to cut weight)

Lightheavyweight: Antti Kästämä (92,4 kg) vs Frederic Levfevre (92,6 kg)

Welterweight: Juho Valamaa (76,8 kg)  vs Abdelghani Idrissi (76,7 kg) 

Featherweight: Aleksi Kainulainen (65,7 kg) vs Jere Varila (65,5 kg)

Bantamweight: Tuomas Grönvall (61,2 kg) vs Adel Bendjelloul (61,0 kg)