Finn Aleksi Mäntykivi (blue/black shorts) has not had an easy path in his path as a professional mma fighter. He welcomed Paul Attwood to Lappeenranta. Attwood clearly dominated the first round and Mäntykivi dominated the second round and forced Attwood to retire between rounds. MMA Viking’s photographer Iikka Nikkinen was cageside at Fight Night X last Saturday to capture the Finn’s victory.  See the photos below.

D7K_8019 D7K_8026 D7K_8030 D7K_8035 D7K_8049 D7K_8052 D7K_8056 D7K_8066 D7K_8070 D7K_8074 D7K_8076 D7K_8077 D7K_8083 D7K_8113 D7K_8129 D7K_8136 D7K_8146 D7K_8148 D7K_8159 D7K_8169 D7K_8179 D7K_8190 D7K_8200 D7K_8213 D7K_8222