The Finnish promotion Fight Festival is putting on one of the best Finnish cards of the year. Tonight’s fights in Helsinki, Finland feature a tone of Finn versus the world action, and is headlined by Lucio Linhares versus Logan Clark as the Finnish-based Brazilian who will have his retirement fight.

Lucio Linhares Fights for the Last Time
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Linhares and Clark are both highly experienced fighters who have fought even in the UFC. The American is 4-0 in his last four fights including a submission win over Jake Doerr who Linhares in turn knocked out in his last fight at Fight Festival 32.

Espoo Ring Sharks’ fighters Joni Salovaara, Juha-Pekka Vainikainen and Mikael Silander are looking to bounce back to winning ways after suffering defeats to top competition in their recent fights. For a full fight card preview, click here.

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Fight Card

MMA 3×5 min -93 kg
Lucio Linhares, Finland United vs Logan Clark, USA

MMA 3×5 min -65,8 kg
Joni Salovaara, Espoon Kehähait vs Chase Beebe, USA

Kickboxing WAKO world championship FW title bout: 12×2 min -66,8 kg
Jarkko Jussila, Budokan Vaasa vs Alessandro Patrignani, Italia

MMA 3×5 -70,3 kg
Juha-Pekka Vainikainen, Espoon Kehähait vs Tyler Hellenbrand, USA
MMA 3×5 min -56,7 kg
Mikael Silander, Espoon Kehähait vs Larry DiGiulio, USA

Potkunyrkkeily 7×2 min -94,1 kg
Jukka Saarinen, Järvenpään Kehäkarhut vs Domenico Deserio, Italia

MMA 3×5 min -77,1 kg
Johan Vänttinen, Fight Factory Porvoo vs Mickael Lebout, Ranska

Muay Thai 5×3 min -66,7 kg
Pok Jääskeläinen, Combat Academy of Finland vs Alessandro Ramazzotti, Italia

MMA 3×5 min -61,2 kg
Jamba, Espoon Kehähait vs Freddy Debessel, Ranska

MMA 2×5 min -88 kg
Timo Suhonen, Espoon Kehähait vs Dimitri Anghelou, Ranska

Muay Thai 5×2 min -57,5 kg
Gia Winberg, Fight Factory Porvoo vs Patrizia Gibelli, Italia

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