Danish striker Camilla Hinze made the trip to the UK for ICE FC 16 and made the contracted weight of 140 lbs, but in the end there won’t be a fight. “The promotor did not communicate the catch weight with the opponent” says Nikolai Koubti, MMA Head Coach at ArteSuave.dk who was surprised when they said “Camilla has 2 hours to make weight” after making the agreed to weight of 63.5 kilos.

Hinze Makes Weight, But Nobody to Fight

So, opponent Joleen Ross hit the scales and made her contracted weight of 135 lbs., which was different than Hinze’s. “She didn’t want to fight” recalls Koubti, with the 2.3 kilos (5 lbs) separating the fighters at weigh-ins.

But the tune changed a while after weigh-ins, and Ross’s team offered to fight the Dane if she would make 65 kilos (143 lbs) on fight day. Koubti and Hinze agreed to this, but shortly after Ross’s team withdraw, again, from the fight after the weigh-ins under this new agreement.

ICE FC officials then scrambled to find a fight, even a boxing or kickboxing match, but there wasn’t anyone available on short notice. “We did get our fight money” says Koubti, that was still disappointed that they traveled all the way to England and did not get a fight.

Hinze is in good shape, and they will be looking for a new fight at the end of the summer.

Note : Ryan O’Leary contributed to this article.