Last weekend we had three Nordic warriors fighting at the Strength & Honor 8 card in Geneva, all three of them came out victorious and ended their bouts.

Norwegian Emil Meek (4-1-0) fought Tato Primera (4-2-0) and won via TKO quickly in round 1. Swede Yosef Ali Mohammad (2-1-0) also made a apparence and made quick work out of Heddy Missouri (4-3-0) winning by TKO in the first round. And Swede Matti Mäkelä (12-11-0) won via rear naked choke against Henrique Shigemoto (5-2-1) in the first round as well.

Watch Fight Video From SHC 8

Emil Meeks fight starts at 06:56

Yosef Ali Muhammad fight starts at 12:32

Matti Mäkelä fight starts at 13:52