Jack Hermansson (23-7) beat Chris Curtis (29-8) in the co-main event at UFC London. Read the live play-by-play of the dominant 15 minutes of action below.

There is no touch of gloves. Both fighters working on the outside, with Curtis standing as a southpaw. No real action in the first minute. Jack landing some good outside leg kicks. A flying knee lands, and the Joker become more active. The low leg calf kick is becoming a weapon for the Swedish middleweight. Jack using a stiff jab, and lands a good right hand before grabbing a single leg. Curtis defends, and Hermansson drops the leg. Superman punch lands and Jack looking really crisp here in the first round.

Jack landing more kicks to start the second round, and Curtis just can’t figure out the “goofy” fighter he talked about between rounds. Hermansson is touch and go, and then lands a solid right body kick. The American is pressing forward, but Jack lands a big body kick. A right headkick! Curtis is rocked and Jack goes after him landing punches and now elbows and more elbows. The American on the cage eating elbows the Jack is throwing from all angles. Chris gets off the cage after covering up from the barrage. Curtis is frustrated he can’t find Jack and invites him to strike the middle, but Jack content landing from the outside and landing when he decides. Another round for the Swede.

“I can’t reach him” says Curtis in between rounds as his frustration mounts in his corner. The right kick from Jack is landing, and he mixes it up with the left jab. Oh, then the left calf kick. A strategic attack coming from everywhere, and Curtis has no idea what is coming next. Jack just throwing low and high kicks like jabs. Curtis closing the distance here, but Jack keeps his movement and stays out of danger. A sidekick straight to the knee from the Norwegian based fighter. Chris lands a good punch with a minute left and Jack is breathing hard here, but this round is in the books if he stays on his feet. Good high right kick and another to the body. Curtis gives two middle fingers at the end of the fight, and must of forgot he had 15 minutes to fight before that moment.

Unanimous decision victory for Hermansson. “I want to get on the Sweden card later this year, and legalize MMA in Norway” says Jack in the post-fight interview.