Alexander Gustafsson (18-8) was stopped by Nikita Krylov (28-9) in the first round at UFC London. Read the live play-by-play below.

The two touch gloves. Gustafsson lands a good right hand after catching a kick, but takes a HUGE right hand. Oh, Alex is in trouble in just seconds! Now Krylov lands several knees to the face as the Swede tries for a desparate take-down. Gustafsson falls backwards and Nikita looking for a kill shot, but the Mauler dodges them all and now safely in the clinch! What a 30 seconds!

Gustafsson in the clinch, then pushes away. Alex looking a step slow, but lands a good right from the outside. The Allstars fighter grabs a leg, and Krylov lands a short left hand that drops Alex that falls to his back and Nikita throws a few more punches for the stoppage by TKO as the referee jumps in.

The fight is over at 67 seconds into round 1.