Helsingborg Arena, the venue that will hold Heroes Fighting Championships next event.
Helsingborg Arena, the venue that will hold Heroes Fighting Championships next event.

Today Heroes announced that they will move their next event forward until March 1st next year. Heroes issued a press release to explain the situation and their decision:

-It wasn’t an easy decision to make but we’re doing it for the audience since we want to deliver a top class event. Swedish organisations compete to have the same fighters on their events, and even audience in some regard. So by postponing the event to where there won’t be too many events around at the same time, is of every ones best interest, says the promoter Marko Gyllenland. Everybody who’s bought a ticket has been given an offer to get a new ticket to the event next year or have their money back.

Heroes next event will contain match-ups in both MMA and Muay Thai with both male and female participants.
-Local fighters are still in our minds for the event and it’s very possible that they’ll face Danish opposition inside of the ring. Hopefully we’ll have an unofficial battle of the nations between Sweden and Denmark. We’re also aiming to have some international high profile fighters. It’ll be at least 10 fights and many titles on the line, says Marko Gyllenland.

Helsingborg Arena is looking forward with excitement to next springs event.
-It’s the first time we will host a martial arts event, and then of course we want it to exceed all expectations. The decision to postpone the event was carefully deliberated and will create better conditions to offer the crowd a fantastic show that will echo throughout the rest of the martial arts community, says Max Granström, CEO of Helsingborg Arena.

Emil Hartsner, Andreas Ståhl and Allan Love are expected to fight for titles at the event and we wait with excitement to see some of the match-ups Heroes has in store for us.