Joachim Christensen (14-5) couldn’t keep the fight standing against Gadzhimurad Antigulov (20-4) at UFC 211.  The Russian took control of the bout with a take-down one minute into the bout and eventually getting a rear-naked choke at 2:21.  “He was good. And strong. So we take the next fight and make a war.” says the Dane to following the bout.

The Dane was the first fight of the night on the UFC card in Dallas, Texas.  He was close to taking the Russian’s back in the first take-down defense.  “But we learn a lot of this every time. And if I had got my foot out. I would have taken his back.”

It is now a loss, win, and loss for the Arte Suave fighter that has one victory and two defeats in the Octagon.

Antigulov has won both of his fights in the UFC by first round stoppages.  It was the Russian’s 14 win in a row.

“Can only say I’m mega disappointed. Got a really bad start against a great opponent and he stood there he he. Hats off to him and congratulations. I’m going home and starting up again in a week. This was just not good enough. Thanks for the support at home. All you people who train with me and support me daily you get a message tomorrow when I get in a little better mood. See you back home in Denmark.” posts the Dane on Facebook shortly after the loss.

Christensen is 38 years old and turned pro in 2007.  His overall record moves to 14 wins and 5 losses.