Cage Warriors Fighting Championship heads to Scandinavia for the very first time this Saturday night in Copenhagen, Denmark. is live at the Ballerup Super Arena for pictures, play-by-play and video. Check results from the stacked main card here as they happen.

Dalby and Churilov Weigh--in Friday (Photo by Dolly Clew)
Dalby and Churilov Weigh–in Friday (Photo by Dolly Clew)


Robbie Olivier (England) vs. Martin Svensson (Sweden)
ROUND 1:The referee starts the action and Svensson pumps the jab. Olivier swings in with an overhand right, but does not find it. Svensson throws a kick, but it’s caught and Olivier takes him down. Olivier in the guard of Svensson, and the Swede attempts a triangle, but the Brit slips out. Svensson attacks the top of the head with elbows before finding his feet. Olivier applies pressure and takes the Swede to the cage. Svensson attempts a flying triangle and then switches as Olivier hits the mat, now searching for an armbar, but Olivier escapes to the feet. Olivier takes the back of the Swede then throws him to the mat. Svensson is up, then a Judo throw takes him to the mat with the Brit all over his back. Olivier switches into mount, corks off a few quick shots, then returns to the back as the Swede bucks and rolls. Olivier is tight on Svensson and unloading hard shots on the Swede from the back. 10 Seconds left finds Olivier searching for the armbar, but not finding it.

Round 2: Svensson throws upstairs for the headkick, but it is a fruitless search, landing on the gloves. Olivier throws a winging punch to the head, and Svensson moves away. What appears to be a second attempt ends up being a takedown, and Olivier is once more in the guard. The Swede works from the back for a moment, then secures the triangle with his gangly limbs. Olivier postures and defends while throwing hard shots to the top of the head. The triangle tights as Svensson turns Olivier over during a hip adjustment. Olivier mounts with the triangle and relentlessly demolishes the skull of Olivier. Olivier bleeding steadily, but he manages to slip from the death grip that was Svensson’s legs. Olivier lands on top from the scramble, but the blood is flowing freely with 45 seconds left. Olivier puts the Swede to the cage, looking to control the hips and find side control, but the Swede denies him and stifles the offense until the horn of War signals the end of the round.

Round 3: The round commences with a touch of gloves and the Swede allows the shorter man to pressure him back against the cage. Svensson takes a guillotine control and throws knees to the head of Olivier, but they don’t have enough steam. Olivier pulls the Giant to the mat, then Svensson escapes to the feet. Olivier forces the Swede to the cage, then Svensson manages to throw him to the mat, taking side control. The Swede postures and wings some shots, looking to step around the legs of the Brit. Olivier takes a leg and searches for a submission but finds only disappointment as Svensson regains his dominant position within the butterfly guard. Svensson defends another leg lock but the Brit scrambles into a dominant position and then takes the back of Svensson. A transition finds Olivier once more in the guard of the Swede, and the Swede is desperately searching for a submission as the Brit’s energy flags. Svensson hits a switch and takes it back to the feet, spinning to the outside and ending the round atop the Brit.

Martin Svensson is victorious by way of Split Decision.

Jack Hermansson (Norway) vs. Enoc Solves Torres (Spain)
Round 1:Hermansson takes the center early, utilizing excellent head motion. Feints in volume from Hermansson during this feeling-out process. Torres appears apprehensive, staying outside the reach of Hermansson. Torres is the first to fire off with a headkick that lands on the gloves, then a spinning back kick which misses and finds the Spaniard on his back. The Spaniard hits a Lumberjack sweep and finds himself atop the Norwegian for mere seconds before the two are back on their feet. Torres moves forward and eats a nasty leg kick for his troubles. Hermansson decides he likes the Spaniard better from his back and takes him down to land atop in half-guard. Torres shrimps and puts the Norwegian in a half-butterfly, then into full guard. A triangle attempt fails for Torres and Hermansson lands twice with right elbows to the cranium of Torres. A hard left elbow from the Norwegian, and another as the round is called to a close by the bell.

Round 2: Hermansson once again takes the center of the cage with tons of movement. A stiff jab from Hermansson and the two clash as Hermansson throws his opponent. Torres takes a highguard, attempting to stifle the  Norwegian. Hermansson pushes out to the left side of  Torres and into sideguard, transitions to knee to belly and looks to take mount, but finds himself in halfguard once more. Hermansson is hammering the soft spots of the lower ribs of the Spaniard and grinding the skull and throat with his elbow. Hermansson begins to windmill punches at the body of Torres in his thirst for his opponents agony.

Round 3: Hermansson advances to the center, feinting and moving. A front kick falls short for the Norwegian. Hermansson leaps in with a jab but is caught with a right hook, then a knee. Torres pushes him to the cage and uncorks a righteous hammer of a left hand, following Hermansson to the mat and stealing a dominant position on a rocked Hermansson. Torres is searching for a Rear Naked Choke, but the cobwebs clear from the head of Hermansson as Torres attempts an armbar. Hermansson escapes and Torres takes the back before unleashing a solid 12 to 6 elbow to the back of Hermansson’s skull. The referee pauses the action, and when it resumes Hermansson bull rushes Torres to the fence, picks him up and slams him. From half-guard Hermansson unleashes destruction on the skull of Torres in the form of explosive elbows. Hermansson punishes the body then begins to lay on volume as he slides into mount. The Spaniard isn’t responding well and Hermansson unleashes his wrath, exploding the cauliflower ear of Torres and securing the verbal submission in the process.


4:36 seconds of Round 3, Winner by way of Verbal Submission due to strikes, Jack Hermansson.

Martin Akhtar (Sweden) vs. Toni Tauru (Finland)
Toni Tauru’s walkout song sets the pace for the fight as Liz Rodrigues pelts out the line “This is Survival of the Fittest”. Sweden vs. Finland, an age old Sports rivalry, is embodied in the cage tonight. Martin Akhtar and Toni Tauru touch gloves and Akhtar attempts a spinning back kick early. A solid kick lands for Akhtar and a body kick and a right hand land for Tauru before Tauru runs Akhtar to the fence, charging like a wild bull. The Bull throws a knee as he controls the back of the Swede, then smashes him to the mat. Akhtar is back on his feet, momentarily, but Tauru throws him once more to the ground, again reminiscent of a raging Bull. As Tauru takes the back, secures the body triangle and searches for a Rear Naked Choke, however, he is more reminiscent of an anaconda. Tauru uncorks some shots to the skull of the Swede, but the Swede turns to his right side, putting pressure on the ankle of Tauru. Tauru repositions the Swede, then again locks in a solid Rear Naked Choke. The squeeze is applied and the strength of the Bull is too much for the Swede. Tauru cranks the neck and secures the tap with a vicious rear naked choke.


At 4:15 seconds of the first round the victor by way of Rear Naked Choke is Toni Tauru.

Damir Hadzovic (Denmark) vs. John Maguire (England)
23 days since his last fight, and John Maguire is once again taking the cage. Maguire rushes Hadzovic and blasts him with a left and a right, then pushes him to the fence. Hadzovic however circles out and returns fire with a right hand, then takes Maguire to the mat. Overhand right from Hadzovic on top. Hadzovic seeking to escape the guard for a more dominant position, but Maguire attempts to armbar. Hadzovic realizes the danger and lets Maguire up. A right kick to the body lands for the Bosnian Bomber. Maguire clinches but it’s Hadzovic that pushes him to the cage. Maguire pulls an underhook and switches position but Hadzovic will not have it and puts Maguire’s back to the fence once more. A solid knee lands from Hadzovic, but unfortunately it’s placement was to the nether-regions of Maguire, who takes some time to recover. Once more to the center of the ring and Hadzovic is pumping the jab, and Maguire jumps in with an uppercut. Hadzovic rushes Maguire and bounces him off the cage with a series of punches, then continues with smashing, brutal knees. The lights go out for Maguire and Hadzovic follows him to the ground, smashing him once, twice, thrice and the referee calls it ‘over’.


Hadzovic is the winner by way of TKO (strikes) at 3:58 of round one.

Mohsen Bahari (Norway) vs. Bruno Carvalho (Sweden) – Co-main Event
Carvalho takes the Blue Corner, and the yellow Cage Warriors gloves bring to mind the Swedish flag. Carvalho takes the center and his posture looks as if he is hunting down his prey. The smaller fighter comes in to tie up, but meets only failure. Bahari tags Carvalho with a kick, then a left hand. Carvalho goes to the inside of the leg with a kick of his own. Bahari throws a kick which is caught and Carvalho throws a right hand over the top. Bahari hooks to the body hard Carvalho only answers with a clinch. Left hook and a right high kick land for Bahari and then Bahari nails Carvalho with another shot to the body. Bahari switche stance and moves in with a left hand to the chest, then a left hand right kick combination. Bahari is playing the counter puncher here, and after Carvalho throws the right hand, Bahari smashes him with a right-hand to the body and a left hand to the head. Carvalho lands a kick to start a combination, then a solid right uppercut.  Carvalho cutting off the cage and attempts to throw a wild punch as the horn sounds.

Round 2: Carvalho takes the center, but Bahari no longer looks like the prey. Carvalho pumps the jab but Bahari smashes him on the brow with a right hand. Bahari with inside kicks to the leg of Carvalho. Bahari attempting to stay in the pocket and times a straight left hand as Carvalho attempts a kick. Bahari changes stance and hits Carvalho with a lead (left) hook. Another left-right-left from Bahari. A right hand lands for Bahari and he is clearly the hunter now as he walks Carvalho up to the cage. A kick misses for Carvalho and Bahari jumps in to pursue, but the pursuit is fruitless. Bahari slips a jab, then finds himself eating a big headkick at the end of the round.

Round 3: Bahari forgets his mouthpiece. Once it’s in, Carvalho strings together a combination, presses Bahari to the fence and takes him to the mat. Carvalho lets Bahari up and Bahari digs a left hand to the body of Carvalho. As Carvalho rushes forward Bahari hits him with a right hook and then a left of the same variety. An inside kick lands for Bahari, and then one to the outside. Carvalho’s energy appears to be flagging in the third and final, but he lands an inside leg kick of his own. A combination falls short for Carvalho and he is tagged by a left hook when Bahari enters the pocket. Bahari with an over-hand right as he meets Carvalho in the center. Inside kick for Bahari but Carvalho answers in kind. Bahari plays the outside man, and staves off a takedown in the last 10 seconds of the round.


Bahari is the winner by way of Unanimous Decision.

Sergei Churilov (Ukraine) vs. Nicolas Dalby (Denmark) – Vacant CWFC welterweight title bout
Dalby and Churilov come out swinging. Dalby lands with several kicks early, then throws a jab, followed closely by a right hand and a head kick, both of which land. Dalby is landing again with kicks. Dalby surges forward and Churiloc lands with a right hand. An overhand right falls short for Dalby, and an inside leg kick is checked. Dalby with a left kick to the body of the Ukrainian. A right kick finds its mark for Dalby as well. Another follows. A left hook lands for Dalby, then another leaping left hook falls short. Dalby takes it to the leg of Churilov with hard kick and the two exchange in the center. The motion and elusiveness of Dalby are allowing him to throw the higher volume here in the first and his pace is relentless. Dalby throws a front kick but it doesn’t find it’s mark. A hard left body kick finds the side of Churilov however and as the bell sounds Churilov throws a spinning back fist.

Round 2: Dalby once again opens with kicks, and it doesn’t appear that Churilov has an answer for them. Dalby blasts Churilov with a hard right kick to the body. Churilov circles, cuts a corner and lands a right hand, but not flush. The damage is showing on the body of Churilov, specifically around the floating ribs. Hard leg kick lands for Dalby, and Churilov answers with a jab. A spinning back kick to the head of Dalby lands, but he takes it on the gloves and rolls away. Dalby puts his jab into the breadbasket of the Ukrainian, then rushes forward with a flurry that is punctuated by a flying knee to the body. An uppercut lands for Churilov and in the last 10 seconds Dalby secures 3 quarters of a takedown.

Round 3: A hard headkick lands on Churilov at the top of the third. A heavy leg kick follows. Dalby throwing volume but falling just short. Another leg kick from Dalby. Just beneath the shorts of Churilov, the left leg looks battered. Dalby’s kicks appear to tell the tale of the fight, and quite a tale they tell. Big right finally lands for Churilov, but Dalby is unphased, though a cut is open above the Dane’s left eye. Dalby leaps in with a stiff jab and rocks the head of Churilov back. A right hand over the top for Dalby, and both men attempt a spinning back kick, Dalby first, Churilov landing his own as well.


Round 4: Championship rounds have begun and Dalby scores another solid leg kick. Churilov visually shows he isn’t hurt, but that behavior seems disingenuous. Churilov seems to have realized Dalby’s hands are falling short, and leaps in with an uppercut, but Dalby answers with a cross and a headkick. Dalby kicks once more and slips to the mat, but regains his footing. Dalby stalks forward and lands a solid inside leg kick. Another. Churilov is hurt and Dalby smashes his shin into the skull of Churilov with a resounding crack. Churilov is wobbling and out on his feet. Dalby follows with a strike and it’s all over. Niklas Dalby is the Cage Warriors Welterweight Champion of the World.

At 2:19 of round 4, Niklas Dalby is named Cage Warrior’s Welterweight Champion of the World with a TKO victory.

Stay tuned for exclusive fight photos and post-fight video interviews.