MMA Viking is in Copenhagen Thursday for European MMA’s third card. The bout takes place at Radisson Blu Falconer, Frederiksberg.

There are 7 professional MMA fights are lined up for this event, with the main event a rematch fight between the reigning Champion Hyram Rodriguez Netherlands and Cole Lauritsen of Denmark. Cole won their first meeting last year at FighterGalla – Casino Fight Night in February, but Rodriguez has meanwhile won the vacant title in European MMA by beating another Danish fighter in Kenneth Rosfort-Nees at Casino Fight Night 2 in September. The rematch will determine who is better, and deserves to be names European MMA Champion.

Unibet has the challenger Cole Lauritsen as favorite offering the money back 1.50 with Rodriguez getting you 2.40 x money back.

Additionally, MMA Viking (ranked #5 in Nordics) heavyweight Christian Colombo steps into the cage against Bulgarian Nedyalko “Basketball Man” Karadjov. Karadjov has a 6 and 1 record, and keep your eyes open for what will likely be a short and action packed fight with the 32 year old Danish fighter.

The powerful Dane Colombo is at 1.72 x money back, while Karadjov currently gives you 2.00 with Unibet.

Soren Bak looks to continue his unbeaten streak at 2 wins and no losses against Sjos Van Der Waerden, and veteran kickboxer Mikkel Guldbaek brings his impressive 15 win and 3 loss record to the cage against a fighter on the way down in Bohumil Lungrik (14 wins and 15 losses), who has lost 3 in a row and 7 out of 8 of his last bouts.

With the bookmakers Guldbaek is the biggest favorite on the card earning you 1.12 times money back while Lungrik could create the upset of the night and 5.25 money back at Unibet.

David Rosmon’s opponent withdrew a few days ago due to an injury, so Raymond Jarman is stepping in at late notice for the tie-breaking 3rd fight between the two. Jarman won their first in 2008, Rosmon won the rematch 2010. So the stage is set for the two to see who will go ahead on the scorecards.

Lastly, Norwegian Thomas Formo makes the trip down south to face Ndonda Kimbu.

Our Danish users can click here to view all the odds from Unibet.

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Live Results & Play-by-Play

The Copenhagen event starts at 20:00 local time, so get ready for another exciting card.

We have arrived at the venue, the Radisson Blu Hotel.

As the press is getting situated the cage is being taking through the final security check.

The champion Hyram Rodriguez just stopped by. Looks ready for a stand up war!

Hyram Rodriguez Posing Prior to Bout

Theme song coming through the speakers.. WE ARE LIVE!

You can bet on the card through Unibet here.


The 21 year old Danish grappler immediately takes the center but eats two hard jabs. He looks hurt already.

Inside leg kick by Van Der Waerden. The Dane shoots for a takedown but gets stuffed. The fighters enter a clinch, and the Danes earns a take down. Now in full mount.

Van Der Waerden is shooting hard for the back door, but gets caught in a very high mount. He will not get out of this one. The damage is too much for Van Der Waerden and the ref pulls Bak off.

Winner by TKO in the first round Søren Bak.


Kumbu making his way to the ring. The German looks big!

The Norwegian enters the center dressed in a full Top Gun outfit including Raybans and “Danger Zone” blasting through the speakers.

Round 1

The fighters trade and Kumbu puts Formo on the cage. Formo gets the takedown against the cage and ends up in mount. Formo tries the rear-naked choke from back control, it looks very deep but Kumbu gets out. Formo now in side control. Kumbu sweeps and ends up in the guard. Kumbu stands up and lands hard ground and pound. Both fighters now on the ground with Kumbu on top. Formo lands from the bottom and transitions to the triangle but it is not tight enough.

Round number one in the books. MMA Viking score the first round 10-9 for Kumbu.

Round 2

The Trondheim native Formo engages the clinch but eats a hard knee to the ribs. Kumbu side trips the Norwegian and is now in top position. Kumbu now controlling from the guard, while Formo does a decent job of making his face unavailable for the ground and pound. Formo working for the triangle again – he has got Kumbu working hard.. and he gets it!

Winner by tap out due to triangle choke Thomas Formo.


Neuherr lands a leg kick, but Boye catches it and puts the Dane on the ground. Neuherr immediately goes for the arm bar, but Boyes pulls out easy. The fighters stand up and the Dane comes forward only to catch a hook to the jaw. He looks staggered as Boye smells blood. Again and again the dane eats fist. Neuherr goes for the clinch, but Boye pulls away and lands again. The dane goes down.

Winner by TKO Jozio Boye.


Rosmon Versus Jarman About to Start


After a short break we are back. The fighters are making their way to the ring.


The Dane Rosmon lands two leg kicks. Jarman shoots for the take down, but overcommits and ends up on the bottom. Now in guard.

Rosmon controls the fight on the ground but fails to cause any real damage. The ref should really stand them up. Absolutely nothing going on. Rosmon gets more involved in the ground and pound but gets caught in the triangle. He slips out and lands a hard hammer fist.

Round 1 done. MMA Viking score the fight 10-9 in the Danes favour.

Round 2

David Rosmon take the center of the cage. Inside leg kick from Rosmon. Jarman shoots but eats a leg kick to chin. David pounces and take the back of Jarman working on the rear naked. … and there it is.

Winner by submission via rear naked choke David Rosmon.


Up next MMA Vikings fifth ranked nordic heavyweight Christian Colombo.

Karadjov enters with “Killing in the name of” – this guys looks big, 120 kg.

The Dana Colombo nicknamed Godzilla seems unimpressed as he enters the cage – much to the delight of the home crowd.

Both fighters relying on their hooks early in the fight. Karadjov tries a one legged takedown but Colombo does a fine job avoiding. Karadjov with a nasty foot stomp in the clinch. The fighters clash in the center, lots of dirty boxing with Karadjov getting the better of the exchanges.

The crowd goes loud the first time tonight as Colombo connects with a high knee to the face. Karadjov is breathing heavily. Colombo connects with a right hook and Karadjov goes down. The heavy handed Dane lands three or four knees from a standing position to the ribs of Karadjov before the ref stops the fight.

Not the most technical fight, more of a brawl.. but it looks like Colombo just earned himself a new contract.

Winner by TKO in the first round Christian Colombo.


Guldbæk connects with an outside leg kick in the beginning of the round.  Fighters feeling each other out. Lungrik lands with an overhand right.

Axe kick lands for Guldbæk and the crowd is alive again. Both fighters seem keen on countering rather than initiation. Guldbæk throws more, but Lungrik the more precise with jabs. Guldbæk comes forward swinging but Lungrik does a good job of avoiding.

Very even round. MMA Viking scores the first round 10-9 in favour of Lungrik.

Round 2

Lungrik takes the center and lands a leg kick early. Guldbæk connect with a leg kick but Lungrik quickly to move in for the successful takedown. Now working in the guard.

Guldbæk looks comfortable from the bottom and connects with multiple elbows while applying wrist control. Guldbæk winning from the bottom, he keeps scoring and Lungrik is cut open.

MMA Viking scores the round 10-9 for Guldbæk with the Dane working from the bottom most of the round, very rare sight.

Round 3

Lungrik immediately goes for the one legged takedown and earns it. However.. Guldbæk keeps dropping down elbows from the bottom. Lungrik has nothing from the top. Guldbæk changes things up with an attempt at the triangle. Lungrik working to avoid the loss. The choke slides in.. and the fight is over.

Winner by submission via triangle choke Mikkel Guldbæk.


It is time.. the main event of the evening!

Hyram was made notorious at yesterdays weight ins when he stepped up on the scale with a cheese burger.

The 31 year old Danish kick-boxer Cole Lauritsen has entered the cage.

Round 1

The figthers feeling each other out, no punches thrown in first 30 seconds. Lauritsen has control from the center stairing down his pray, he lowers his hands in spite and comes forward with a push kick followed by an outside leg kick. Both land. Cole scores with a straight jab. Good combo by Cole.

Hyram sticking and moving, playing the role of the counter striker. Cole has swelling under the left eye. The Dane scores a late takedown and lands elbows from the top position.

Cole takes the round 10-9 according to yours truly.

Round 2

Cole can hardly see out of his left eye. He keeps coming forward and lands with a overhand right. Rodriguez again paying the part of the calculated counter figther in this stand up war. Hyram says ‘come on’ as the fighters exhange. Hyram seems unimpressed. Still no kicks thrown by the champ.

Lauritsen earns a double legged takedown but ends up in the guillotine. He works his way out. Cole dropping his shoulder from the full mount as time runs out.

The New Champion!

MMA Viking score the round 10-9 for Cole.

Final round..

Cole takes initiative early and connects with two leg kicks, keeps coming forward. The fighters meet at the center again. Hyram comes forward but fails to connect with his combinations . Cole slams Hyram – big takedown! Cole now working from the guard. Hyram connects with an elbow from the bottom and gets up. Cole looks tired as he misses a takedown attempt. Both fighters on their feet as Hyram lands multiple combinations. Takedown attempt stuffed by Hyram and both fighters scramble for position. Too close to call.. decision coming up.

Cole takes home the belt. European MMA has a new champion!

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