Niclas Dalby started off the fight landing punches on the feet, looking very comfortable standing up. Champion Morten Djursaa tries to clinch up with the challenger and push him up against the cage, it does not take long before Dalby lands a beautiful left hook right on the chin of Morten and follows him to the ground for the finish.


Here is the play-by-play of the bout:


The fighters toch gloves and meet in the middle of the cage. Djursaa clinches and pushes Dalby up again the cage. Dalby seperates and attacks with a flurry of punches. Dalby fires a signature highkick, only hits air. They clinch up up again. Djursaa lands a knee to the body that drops Dalby. They stand and clinch again. Dalby lands a clean left hook and drops Djursaa. Dalby pounces on Djursaa and begins to ground and pound before the ref jumps in to save Djursaa.

WINNER: Nicolas Dalby (11-0-0) by TKO

Dalby Beats Djursaa
Dalby the New European MMA Champion