Per Eklund, the first Swede to ever enter the Octagon, gives an exclusive interview with MMA Viking.  Eklund hits on many topics, including dropping weight, getting regular training, and lifting weights properly for the first time.

It has been almost 2 years since the veteran of Bodog, Shooto, M1, FinnFight, and most recently the UFC has been in a fight –a loss at The O2 Arena in London to then unknown Evan Dunham at UFC 95.  The Swede will start his comeback in Sweden’s own Vision Fighting Championship next month.

Per Eklund MMA

Dropping to 145 pounds

Eklund first expresses excitement in fighting at 145lbs (down from 155lbs), as weight cutting was not something that he ever really did before.

“I was 70 kilos (about 155lb) for my last fight. I woke up and ate breakfast the morning of the weigh in.” says Eklund.  He also said that in today’s environment, where competitors are much bigger than in the “old days”, all of the fighters are cutting a lot of weight.  He puts much of the blame on wrestlers bringing weight cutting into the sport.

Regular Training & Lifting Weights

Eklund also mentions that he is happy back training with Omar Bouiche at Pancrase Gym in Stockholm.   He is getting on a regular training schedule, something that was much harder for him to do before due to the responsibilities of having a very young toddler.

In addition, to looking to fight at a lower weight, Eklund says that he feels “much stronger”.   “I am lifting weights properly for the first time” Eklund declares.  Eklund discussed one previous unsuccessful attempt with lifting weights, but feels for the first time he has a proper trainer that is helping him develop good core strength.  “I’ll be lighter and stronger” Eklund says with a smile.

The Path Back to the UFC Starts at VFC

In all, it seems that Eklund is ready for his “comeback fight” at Vision Fighting Championships (VFC) on March 19 at “Tingvallahallarna”, Karlstad, Sweden. The fight against Norway’s Thomas “Moon Lee” Hytten is familiar one to Eklund.  He faced Hytten back in 2003, a fight which resulted in a draw.

We wish Eklund all the best in attempt to get on a winning streak, and back to show his skills on MMA’s  biggest platform.  The UFC will be looking for Scandinavian fighters to put on the card when they eventually plan their event in Sweden.   Eklund (with a 1 win and 2 loss record in the UFC) would be a great local addition to the event.

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