Vision Fighting Championships

Today’s Vision Fighting Championship 2 took place in Karlstad, Sweden, with a surprise ending in the main event. Seen as a chance for a coming out party for Per Eklund, the first UFC fighter from Sweden, the opportunity was turned into an set-back by Norwegian veteran Thomas Hytten. The match ended quickly with Joachim Hansen’s training partner putting an end to the Swede’s comeback only 48 seconds into the match.

In other bouts, upcoming Swedish fighter Magnus “Jycken” Cedenblad was victorious in a submission in the co-main event against late replacement Benas Mikalauskas, and Rami Aziz took home a decision win over Johan Sjölin.

Full Results:
Botan Tokay defeats Kieran McBride (decision)
Marcus Carnfjord defeats Dennis Erdogan (decision)
Sharyar Sazesh defeats Magnus Strandner (submission 43 seconds 3rd round)
Jonathan Westin defeats Juho Valamaa (submission 2nd round)
Magnus Cedenblad defeats Benas Mikalauskas (submission 1:52 1st round)
Rami Aziz defeats Johan Sjölin (decision)
Timo Karttunen defeats Alen Mansour (4:47 submission 1st round)
Joakim Engberg defeats David Rosmon (decision)
Thomas Hytten defeats Per Eklund (48 seconds TKO)