Less than two weeks until Superior Challenge 9 make their first apperance in Gothenburg, one of the crowd favourites will be Gothenburgs own Per Franklin. The Gladius MMA prospect is 6-2-0 in his career, and currently riding a two fight win-streak. He replaced fellow Swede Åke Bergvall, and is now set to fight the Norwegian fan favorite Emil Weber Meek (4-1-0).

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Franklin Talking to MMA Viking

MMAViking: Hi Per! How are you? Tell the readers a little about yourself.
Per: My name is Per Franklin, I’m 30 years old and I’m from Gothenburg. Sweden. I’m fighting out of Gladius MMA,  77,1 kg and my fighting style is MMA.

MMAViking: You had a fight just a couple of weeks ago at The Zone in Gothenburg, can you tell us a little about that.
Per: Yes I had a fight at the Zone FC, the fight was agains a guy from France, he had the same record as I had but other than that I didnt know anything more about him, the fight took place mostly on the ground where I felt I had the advantage and went all three rounds.

MMAViking: So you will be replacing Åke Bergvall and fight Emil Meek, how much of a short notice fight is this? I mean in terms of your conditioning and weight.
Per: I don’t drop so much in weight so that wont be a problem. I’m always ready to take a fight so I just keep on training.

MMAViking: Many probably dont know this but this is a rematch for you guys. You met in your last amateur fight, which if I remember correctly was a super close fight that you lost by points in the end. What have you improved on the most since then and how do you see this fight play out?
Per: Yes, we met before and it was a great fight, he won that fight so now it’s my turn to win this. I always train to get more complete and all-round as an mixed martial artist. And in the end I see myself as a winner after a hard and great fight.

MMAViking: You will be fighting on a great card, maybe the best Sweden have had, except for the UFC visits, how motivating is it to compete alongside some of the fighters there?

Emil Meek with Per Franklin after Per's win at Heroes FC.
Emil Meek with Per Franklin after Per’s win at Heroes FC.

Per: It’s an honor to be on this event and on this card with so many great fighters so I am motivated, happy and exited for the opportunity that they have given me. Especially when its in my home town Gothenburg, and the arena Scandinavium.

MMAViking: Any planned fights for the next year? Or rather what is your goals for 2014?
Per: I always take one fight at the time but of course will I fight in 2014, but nothing planned right now. My goals is to keep on fighting and get to the big shows, as long as I keep on winning things will happen.

MMAViking: Thank you for the short chat Per, and good luck on the 23rd of November! Anyone you want to thank? (Sponsors, etc)
Per: Thank you! I would like to thank everyone that reads this, it means you supports something, it means a lot for the sport, and my team Gladius MMA, family and friends.

Updated Fight Card

• Sami Aziz (Sweden) vs. Jens Pulver (USA)
• David Bielkheden (Sweden) vs. Besam Yousef (Sweden)
• Diego Gonzalez (Sweden) vs. Anton Kuivanen (Finland)
• Yosef Ali Mohammad (Sweden) vs. Duarte Fonseca (Portugal)
• David Glasnovic (Sweden) vs. Magnus Strandner (Sweden)
• Matti Mäkelä (Sweden) vs. Matteo Minonzio (Italy)
• Emil Weber Meek (Norway) vs. Per Franklin (Sweden)
• Simon Sköld (Sweden) vs. Guilherme Shigemoto (Japan)
• Michel Ersoy (Sweden) vs. Robin Gidlöv (Sweden)
• Martin Akhtar (Sweden) vs. Damien Pighiera (France)
• Linn Wennergren (Sweden) vs. Angelica Babbi (Italy)
• Martin Halvorsen (Sweden) vs. Dexter Dyall Wallin (Sweden)

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