Estonian Henri Hiiemäe came through in the main event in front of a local crowd in Tallinn, stopping Saulius Bucius at RAJU 13.  Hiiemäe improves his record to six wins and one loss, winning all of his fights in the RAJU cage. The event held at the Saku Suurhall arena again showed the popularity of the Estonian promotion, and the card also highlighted its lead organizer Ott Tönissaar who rode to the cage in a motorcycle for his fight.

Wins in Main Event
Hiiemae Wins in Main Event

Tõnissaar was also able to win in the co-main event in a bout that went the distance Saturday night where all judges saw him edging Viktor Tomasevic.

Tonissaar Back to Winning
Tonissaar Back to Winning

Jüri Jõgiste was on the losing end of a fight again, now dropping two straight bouts after starting off his pro career at 2 wins and 0 losses.

See the full results of RAJU 13 below.

RAJU 13 results: Hiiemäe, Tõnissaar & Ülenurm victorious

This Saturday Estonia’s biggest mixed martial arts event RAJU 13 took place in Saku Suurhall, Tallinn. The main card featured four pro fights and four amateur fights. In seven of these fights, Estonian fighters stepped up against opponents from Latvia, Lithuania & Russia – and won five of these.


A-class rules, featherweight division. Saulius BUCIUS (Taurris, Lithuania) vs Henri HIIEMÄE (3D Treening, Estonia)
WINNER: Henri HIIEMÄE (3D Treening, Estonia) via submission (strikes) in round 2 (2:36)

Hiiemäe got caught by Bucius’ strong ground game in the first round of the fight and had to defend himself against an armbar and a rear naked choke for most of the round. In the second round of the fight, Hiiemäe delivered a straight leg kick which broke Bucius’ nose, shortly after which Bucius submitted and Hiiemäe emerged victorious.

A-class rules, catch weight (73kg). Viktor TOMASEVIC vs Ott TÕNISSAAR (Võimla, Estonia)
WINNER: Ott TÕNISSAAR (Võimla, Estonia) via judges decision (unanimous) in round 3 (5:00)

Tõnissaar took the fight to the ground during the first two rounds of the match and Tomasevic attempted several submissions, including an omoplata, but Tõnissaar managed to defend himself well and fought himself to the top by the end of the round. In the third round of the match, Tõnissaar once again took the fight to the ground and pressured Tomasevic with strikes until the end of the match.

B-class rules, featherweight division. Vitali MELNIKOV (San-Da / Sparta, Latvia) vs Jüri JÕGISTE (Võimla, Estonia)
WINNER: Vitali MELNIKOV (San-Da / Sparta, Latvia) via submission (strikes) in round 3 (1:51)

Jõgiste kept pace with Melnikov in stand-up during the first round and eventually the fight went to the ground. Most of the second round passed on the ground where Melnikov was stronger and attempted several submissions. In the third round of the match, Jõgiste did not have stamina left and eventually submitted to strikes.

B-class rules, bantamweight division. Roman TCIKALO (Combat Judo Club, Russia) vs Lauri ÜLENURM (Võimla, Estonia)
WINNER: Lauri ÜLENURM (Võimla, Estonia ) via submission (triangle choke) in round 1 (2:52)

Ülenurm dominated Tcikalo with strikes in the first round, which forced Tcikalo to take the match to the ground. Here Ülenurm secured a full mount which eventually lead a transition into a triangle choke and Tcikalo tapping out.


C-class rules, middleweight division. Nikolai KARPACHOV (San-Da / Avandguarde, Latvia) vs Sten ANSLAN (Võimla, Estonia)
WINNER: Sten ANSLAN (Võimla, Tartu) via submission (RNC) in round 1 (2:59)

C-class rules, featherweight division. Ivan BLAGOV (Golden Glory, Latvia) vs Alar HUTROV (Võimla, Estonia)
WINNER: Alar HUTROV (Võimla, Estonia) via submission (RNC) in round 1 (0:53)

C-class rules, welterweight division. Didzis VERBITSKIS (San-Da / JD Gym, Latvia) vs Ronald SOOKAEL (3D Treening, Estonia)
WINNER: Didzis VERBITSKIS (San-Da / JD Gym, Latvia) via judges decision (unanimous) in round 3 (3:00)

C-class rules, middleweight division. Kaiko KELL (3D Treening, Estonia) vs Ranno LAUR (Võimla, Estonia)
WINNER: Ranno LAUR (Võimla, Estonia) via submission (triangle choke) in round 2 (2:36)