Frontline Academy’s Emil Weber Meek (9-2, 1 NC) wanted a big fight at the UFC in Stockholm, Sweden on May 28, but our friends at are reporting that Valhalla is injured and off the card.


Meek was scheduled to fight Nordine Taleb (12-4) on the main card.  The welterweight had an impressive UFC debut win in December over Jordan Mein, where he won by unanimous decision back at UFC 206.  He was also on the main card in his first trip to the Octagon.

The card that goes down will be headlined by Swede Alexander Gustafsson and Brazilian Glover Teixeira.  Meek’s Teammate Jack Hermansson is also on the card.

The report indicates that Swede Oliver Enkamp is stepping in to replace Meek. No official announcements have been made.

UPDATE – Following the report, has confirmed with Meek that he is off the card. The following message was posted on social media (translated from Norwegian):

Dear Valhallaarmy, is with a bloody heavy warrior heart that I must say, I have to pull myself from my bout in Stockholm…
My groin wouldn’t be with anymore and the pain at the gym is not to live with!
I just need to apologize to all of you who plan to take the trip over. Feel so fucking rotten, because it means so much to me that you will come to cheer…
I’m still coming to Stockholm to all, and to meet everyone who was going to root for me <3

UFC is still in love with me and just wish that I’ll be fine!
I swear I’m still gonna be the best, I’m far from finished and I’m going to fuck me rip with me a belt home to Norway before it’s over..
Emil <3