It was Martin Svensson‘s turn to step into cage for the first time now that he is in the TUF 22 house. “He is a big guy, and he has slick Jiu jitsu” says coach Conor McGregor that looks forward to the matchup with the American Thanh Le.


“I’m sick of these Americans” says Svensson that hasn’t been impressed with the fights before his. “It’s not MMA.”

“I’m going to destroy his dreams.” says The Big Swede that amps himself up to get the big win.  Below is play-by-play of the bout aired at the end of the episode.

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Round 1
No fighter takes action early, with only Le trying to land head kicks.  But a good right hand one minute in for the American, and Svensson is waiting to make his move.  And now we see why, as the Swede catches a leg and gets the fight to the ground.  “Nice and patient” yells coach McGregor as he sits in half guard.  Two minutes in and Svensson trying to get full mount or at least improve position, but doesn’t find too much success.

Le looking for a kimura, but lets go and Svensson now wants a head and arm choke, but lets go.  Good control here, but no damage.  Now the Frontier MMA fighter takes back!  Looking for a rear-naked choke, but the American stands to the feet and is out.  One minute left.

Le working for a body lock against the cage, and Svensson defends well.  Away from the cage, the two are standing.  Le TAGS Svensson with a HUGE right hand and Svensson is on his back after taking punches to the ground.  Now some elbows and punches to end the round.

The last flurry has to sway the judges to give Le the first round.

Round 2
The southpaw stance from Svensson and the distance seems to leave him open for another right hand, but now Svensson shoots in for a take-down and gets it.  The Big Swede moves to takes back, which turns into full mount with nearly 4 minutes left in the last round (unless there is a draw).  A full body triangle, and the tide has turned back in favor of the grappler.

Still on top with two minutes left, and this round is all Svensson. Good left elbow to the face, and now a rear naked choke is in. THE TAP! Martin wins by submission.