Suvi Salmimies (7-4-1) is planning ahead, targeting undefeated Katharina Lehner (5-0) as her next opponent. While still waiting to finalize the paperwork the CAGE 40 card, the Rock Chick wants to put the bout together on September 9th in Helsinki against the German that is looking for a fight.

Lehner has won all of her five pro bouts by decision, including over Denmark’s Camilla Hinze. The fighter says she cannot get any new fights and wants a shot at the UFC “I’m sill undefeated and ready to fight real fighters!”

“And although her record is good being undefeated when people look at her fight record a bit deeper they see her opponents not being ufc level” says the Finn to

The Team East Front fighter stopped late replacement Evelina Puidaitė in the first round at NFC 2 in April. The 31-year-old has won the last 3 of 4 bouts.

I am neither a shouter or a doubter. But my mind sometimes boggles when I see fighters promoting themselves to the UFC at a very early stage. Some say you need to be arrogant in order to get ahead. Some say you need to push yourself to the public eye. Some say you need connections or else you get nowhere. That might be true. But I believe in hard work. I believe in having enough fights so I don't need to say that I am ready to fight real fighters now. I can say I've been fighting them all the time. I am just ready to fight them at any time and any place no matter how big the stage. A german fighter Katharina Lehner, upcoming talent from over the sea when looking from our beloved Finland is aiming for the UFC. What do you say if we have that fight in September before those big stages? The fight that has already been offered to you. If no one in Germany is willing to fight you I can say for certain that that is not the case in Finland. I have never cancelled a bout. I always show up even if I have to do it with one working arm. We treat our visitors with all the respect and manners we have. Your visit here will be almost perfect… So a trip to Finland ??. What say you? #ufc #whogoesthere #marchingorder #wmma #mma #fightsport #combatsports #iwillfightyou #butwillyoufightme

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