Facebook fan of MMA Viking Tormod from Norway won the first Fight Pick Championship (FPC #1).  The UFC Fight for the Troops 2 took place in Texas on Saturday, January 22. The www.facebook.com/mmaViking member was the only one to pick 5 of the 6 fights. While most people picked 3 or 4 of the 6 fights correctly, Tormod differentiated his picks by selecting both Guillard and Wiman as winners. The only fight that he picked that was incorrect was a selection of McKenzie over Edwards. Here are his picks as posted on Facebook.

Fight Night Winner

“I think Dunham and Miller are favorites in their respective matchups, but i beleve in a couple of upsets this weekend.” said Tormod about his picks in a statement after his first victory.

In retrospect, Tormod says “I thought Guillard and Wiman had exiting fights… Barry disappointed me a little bit, but his legkicks are brutal. I hope we can see Barry vs Mittrione because i think they are ready to go! I think Guillard maybe had one illegal knee, but i was happy to see that the ref didn’t act on it”

For his picks, and winning the first FPC, we will be sending a T-shirt thanks to Orcbite, a new Swedish lifestyle brand.

Orcbite Shirt

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Also, thanks to Henrik, Kenneth, Ari, Peter, Trygve, William, Filip, Adam, John, Tuomos, Alexander, and Joacim for being part of FPC 1.  Better luck next time!