Kristian Lexell’s Video Blog for VISION FC 4 is here. Learn more about “Lex”, how he got into MMA and his day job as an special forces police officer.

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Stay tuned as the Stockholm Shoot fighter gets ready for his September 1st VISION FC 4 card in Glasgow, Scotland. will be filming and presenting a video blog as Lex trains in Stockholm and then travels to Scotland for the bout. Get prepared for some insightful footage before, during, and after the event.

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About Kristian Lexell:
Kristian Lexell is a veteran of fight sports, with MMA bouts going back to 2001, plus boxing and Muay thai experience. The Swede returned to the cage in 2011 after a four year absence, and has since collected three wins with one loss. Known as “Lex”, the powerful middleweight trains at Stockholm’s Nexus Fight Center. He trains with the Alliance team, when possible through the connection with Sthlm Shoot. The Gothenburg native won MMA Viking’s KO of the Year in 2011 with his KO of Allan Love at Battle of Botnia 4.

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