At IRFA 9, the experienced Guram Kutateladze will be fighting Joachim Tollefsen. The lightweight with a 4-2 record is looking to put a stop to his opponent’s undefeated record.

Kutateladze has years of experience under his belt. He told MMA Viking in a pre-fight interview, “I started martial arts when I was six years old. Three months from when I started, I started to compete.” His record may not show veteran status, but he has been involved in fight sports for years.

No matter what happens, the Nordic based fighter from Georgia is ready. “I’m ready to take this fight everywhere,” he said. “It really doesn’t matter for me if it’s standing up, wrestling, on the ground- I’m ready for all of them.”

Listen in as the lightweight talks more about his training at Redline MMA and Allstars Training Center, pronouncing his last name, and how he feels about pre-fight nerves.