It is Day 1 at the 2016 IMMAF World Championships at UFC International Fight Week, and Nordic vikings were in bouts throughout the day. Sweden won 3 of 5, Finland 2 of 4, Iceland 1 of 1, Denmark 0 of 2, and Norway 0 of 2. Get a full recap of the fights here.

125 lbs. Jarret Vornbrock (Canada) vs. Serdar Altlas (Sweden)
Serdar Altas loses by submission/TKO at 2:52 in the final round.

17o lbs. Will Starks (USA) vs. Danny Mathiasen (Denmark)
The Dane Danny loses by a split decision after 3 rounds.

145 lbs. Carlos Castro (USA) vs. Eemil Kurhela (Finland)
Kurhela suffers a unanimous decision loss after full time.

145 lbs. Kohei Maeda (Japan) vs. Daniel ‘Spiderpig’ Schälander (Sweden)
mmaviking’s own Daniel Schälander wins by a unanimous decision after going the distance. Schälander locked in a triangle but the Japanese just wouldn’t tap. Maeda managed to secure a takedown in each of the rounds but the Swede kept cool and stayed in control for the entire fight.

145 lbs. Ole Johnny Eriksen (Norway) vs. Shoaib Yousaf (UK)
Eriksen loses by TKO in the third round.

170 lbs. Mika Kallio (Finland) vs. Riccardo Schwarz (Italy)
Kallio takes the win by a unanimous decision.

170 lbs. Juhana Vallas (Finland) vs. Akonne Wanliss (UK)
Vallas gets caught with an uppercut and he goes down, the referee stops it. Juhana loses by TKO at 0:30 in the final round.

145 lbs. Ömer Kavakli (Denmark) vs. Matt McMeeking (New Zealand) 
Kavakli loses by TKO at 2:05 in the second round.

145 lbs. Ville Kyllönen (Finland) vs. Connor Hitchens (UK)
Kyllönen is forced to tap due to a rear naked choke at 2:35 in the first round.

170 lbs. Oskar Biller (Sweden) vs. Benjamin Bennett (USA)
Oskar Biller loses to the american by a unanimous decision after three full rounds.

205 lbs. Bjarni Kristjansson (Iceland) vs. James Harrison (UK)
Kristjansson wins by a first round submission at 0:31.

185 lbs. Rostem Akman (Sweden) vs. Plodek Marcus (Germany)
The IMMAF veteran Akman wins and moves on by a split decision.

155 lbs. Niko Koponen (Finland) vs. Mohammed Adnan (Bahrain) 
Koponen secures the win by a guillotine in the second round.

155 lbs. John Nguyen (Canada) vs. Tobias Harila (Sweden)
Harila wins by a TKO in the first round at 1:42.

185 lbs. Lucas Wideman (Finland) vs. Pavel Salcak (Czech Republic)
Lucas had to see himself defeated by a split decision after a full 3 rounds.

185 lbs. Jamie Cookson (New Zealand) vs. Marius Håkonsen (Norway)
Håkonsen lost by unanimous decision.