It is Day 3 at the 2016 IMMAF World Championships at UFC International Fight Week, and Nordic vikings were in bouts throughout the day. Sweden won 4 of 6, Finland 3 of 4 (one win by default), Norway 1 of 2, and Iceland 0 of 1. Denmark did not compete today. Get a full recap of the fights here.

125 lbs. Woman. Gabriella Ringblom (Sweden) vs. Brittney Allen (Canada)
Gabriella takes home her first fight of the tournament with a unanimous decision.

256 lbs. Simon Harle (South Africa) vs. Irman Smajic (Sweden)
Smajic wins by TKO late in the first round.

155 lbs. Geir Kåre Cemsoylu Nyland (Norway) vs. Iorga Cristian (Romania)
The Norwegian loses by a split decision after 3 rounds.

125 lbs. Woman. Anette Österberg (Finland) vs. Ilaria Norcia (Italy)
Österberg takes her first win this championship, a unanimous decision.

185 lbs. Rostem Akman (Sweden) vs. James Sheehan (Ireland)
Akman takes home another win after a unanimous decision in his favor.

155 lbs. Tobias Harila (Sweden) vs. Ferdun Osmanov (Bulgaria)
Harila loses by a unanimous decision after going the distance.

205 lbs. Tencho Karaenev (Bulgaria) vs. Bjarni Kristjansson (Iceland)
Kristjanssons world championships run ended today by a unanimous decision. The Icelandic LHW traveled alone to Las Vegas for this competition and was cornered by John Kavanagh today.

205 lbs. Simone Cancelli (Italy) vs. Jaako Honkasalo (Finland)
Jaako moves on without having to fight today, his opponent did not pass his medical exam.

145 lbs. Nathan Kelly (Ireland) vs. Daniel “Spiderpig” Schälander (Sweden)
Daniel suffered a loss in the shape of a unanimous decision.

135 lbs. Abdul Hussein (Finland) vs. Lath Stevens (New Zealand)
Finlands Hussein wins by TKO (Retirement) in round 2 at 3:00

145 lbs. Woman. Julia Dorny (Germany) vs. Chamia Chabbi (Finland)
Chabbi loses at 0:33 in round 1 by TKO.

135 lbs. Woman. Cornelia Holm (Sweden) vs. Michelle Jones (United Kingdom)
Holm advances by a unanimous decision

135 lbs. Woman. Manon Fiorot (France) vs. Camilla Mannes (Norway)
The Norwegian bantamweight wins by a rear naked choke in the first round.