Reza Madadi to Star in Mainstream Movie


Reza Madai will be in the new gangster thriller Tommy.  The news was first reported in the Swedish paper the Metro who talked to the director Tarik Saleh about Madadi’s selection.

Madadi Gets a Starring Role

There was one person who told me about him, so we asked if he could audition. When I saw him, I was blown away and thought about what fucking talent. He must be in the film.” said the diretor. “I thought: Why not? I’ve always liked to stand in front of the camera and it clicked very well with Tarik.” says Madadi about the opportunity.

“When I was on my first date that guy we saw a movie with Paolo Roberto. I became quite how impressive of him, he was doing martial arts and recorded movies. I dreamed of one day getting to do something similar. And today, I am there with the UFC and will shoot a movie. It feels incredible.” continues Madadi.

The movie should be out in the theaters next February. Other stars in the movie include Ola Rapace, Moa Gammel and artisten Lykke Li.