Bruno Carvalho On the Lookout For His Next Fight

Bruno “BC” Carvalho is Scandinavia’s top ranked middleweight and now ranked #5 in Europe by Ground and Pound, behind such fighters as Michael Bisping and Mamed Khalidov. Most recently, the Brazilian fighting out of Sweden stepped-up on short notice in April to fight on the Superior Challenge 7 card.

With the recent high-profile victory over a known TUF fighter in a fight held in Stockholm and shown on TV world-wide including HDnet, we expected to hear news regarding the GBG MMA fighter next fight coming shortly after.  Since no there haven’t been any announcements from the man that can be found training with such MMA stars as John Olav Einemo or Alistair Overeem, we check-in with the BJJ and Judo black belt to see what’s next in an exclusive interview with MMA Viking.


Carvalho Showing His Standup Game

MMA Viking : Your most recent victory was against The Ultimate Fighter Kyacey Uscola at Superior Challenge. You seemed like you wanted to test your stand-up skills, although you ended the fight with a submission. What was your game plan for the fight, and how do you evaluate your performance.
“He said before the fight that he had better stand up, so I wanna hurt him a lil and break down his confidence, so soon he would try to wrestle me. I was confident on my game from training with Alistair, wrestling everyday with NCAA Babak Nejat and my Bjj skills, the plan was to make him tired n counter, and I think it worked but I wasn’t happy with my performance, I was to relaxed, I could’ve finish on the first, maybe it was a little cage rust, as my previous fights were in a ring.”

Carvalho Celebrates His Recent Submission Victory

MMA Viking : You mentioned your desire to fight as much as possible, after only two fights in 2010. You have only the one Superior Challenge fight this year, do you have a fight lined up?
“Yeah I wish I could fight more often, but many fights has been cancel or declined, I haven’t heard much from my management, I’m training, getting stronger, just waiting for a new deal, hopefully after they see my fight on HDnet show I’ll get a fight on US or Canada.”

MMA Viking : In a recent interview with, you said “I think I deserve my spot in the UFC!”. You now have 8 wins in a row. How many more wins before the big show?
“Well you all have seen what happened in Russia, so it’s 10 in a row in my thoughts. As I told you before I’m just waiting to sign with whatever show it is, that’s what I love to do and that’s what I do, sign me, pay me and I’ll do my job!”

SC 7 – Rise of Champions Bout Versus Kyacey Uscola (Video)

Bruno vs. Kyacey by zpzp420

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