Superior Challenge 14 is back in Stockholm, this time the sold out event will take place at Eriksdalshallen. is at the event to give you live results here. Also, find us on Instagram and Facebook for additional coverage, plus additional photos coming to the website after the event.


Live Play-by-Play

Dilmurod Movlonov vs. Elio Caiaffa
Round 1

As the Swedish and European Judo champion Movlonov enters the cage for his pro mma debut the temperature on the stands rises and they waste no time, Caiaffa uses punches to press Dilmurod to the cage but he counters with a takedown and works his way to a top position landing some powerful strikes. Movlonov uses strength and skill to dominate on the ground, tries for an americana but it isn’t just there. Both fighters get back up, but its Movlonov who lands a hard right as they both move forward and they both go down with the debutant landing a few more strikes on the now curled up Caiaffa before the referee steps in and stops it.


Winner by TKO in the first round, Dilmurod Movlonov!

Edris Rafigh vs. Viktor Gustavsson
Round 1
After some short movement a quick clinch ensues but they separate, Viktor landing some nice lowicks and defends well, the Renyi fighter is controlling the movement in the cage. Rafigh shoots for a takedown but it’s well defended by Gustavsson. Edris keeps trying for that takedown against the cage but it’s Viktor who advances to a standing guillotine that looks tight but Rafigh fights though it. In the final seconds of the round Rafigh gets the long awaited takedown but time runs out.

Round 2
Gustavsson takes control of the center cage but its Rafigh who shoots for a takedown but they yet again end up against the cage, they separate briefly for a fast and hard exchange of punches before they end up in the same position as before. Referee Bobby Rehman calls for activity before he breaks them up, Viktor lands a good lowkick again before Edris shoots in again. Viktor pushes with some hard punches and a jumping knee that Rafigh barely avoids. The ref calls yet again for activity as they are clinched up against the cage again but they get back to the center, Viktor lands a right hook as Edris scores a final takedown as time runs out.

Round 3
As the final round starts it’s yet again Viktor who lands a punch, he keeps forcing Rafigh to move around a lot and picks his strikes. Some faints gives Viktor the chance to land a nice left hook, Rafigh shoots in and again after some time the ref calls for activity as they are up against the cage. After being broken up its Viktor who again keeps pushing and lands some strikes. Pushed on by his corner Gustavsson again defends a take down attempt as Rafigh screams when trying to land it but time runs out leaving this up to the judges.


Winner by decision (Unanimous) Viktor Gustavsson.

Arman Popal vs. Aleksi Putkonen
Round 1
It’s the finn Putkonen who takes centre control but neither one of them engages until Popal sends a high kick thats defended by Putkonen, Popal throws a combination that doesn’t land. A spinning back kick from Popal makes Aleksi move back and he gets tagged by a punch but he gets back in the fight quickly. After catching a kick from Putkonen he holds on the leg and kicks the other one sending Aleksi to his back on the canvas. Arman now starts to land some heavy punches and just before the time runs out the referee stops it.


Winner by TKO in the first round, Arman Popal.

Saeed Ganji vs. Patrik Pietila
Round 1
After a glove touch they both bite down and goes for it, some strikes are sent Pietila goes for a takedown but it doesn’t land. As Ganji moves forward it Pietila who lands a nice takedown but something happens and a time out is called and the doctor is called in to the cage. The fight is stopped due to an injury to the ribs of Saeed Ganji.


Winner by RSC in round 1, Patrik Pietila.

Milanko Puranovic vs. Felipe Salvador
Round 1

This fight starts in a furious pace as Puranovic unleashes a storm of strikes and kicks, after locking in a tight guillotine Salvador lands in a full mount and strikes down on Milanko before he ends it with an armbar!

Winner by submission (Armbar) Felipe Salvador.

Oliver Enkamp vs. Rickson Pontes
Round 1
Enkamp throws on his high karate kicks and the fight is on, after some fast strikes Oliver lands on his back but its no danger as he scrambles well and they both get back up again. Enkamp keeps throwing those spinning karate kicks and Pontes barely dodges them. Now its Pontes who picks up the pace and starts swinging hard after Enkamp but he uses movement and escapes all attempts. Both fighters throws some heavy strikes but it’s Enkamp who lands the most as time runs out.

Round 2
This round picks up in the pace the previous one ended, fast but more thought behind the strikes now. The Swedish Samuraj keeps working with his kicks that land more and more, as time goes the fight turns in to more of a brawl as both fighters swing hard. The shorter and stocky Pontes can take some hard punches and also keeps landing his fair share on the taller Enkamp who throws some impressive spinning sh#t.

Round 3
A quick kick from enkamp and a good takedown defence lands The Samuraj in a good position with a Kimura locked in tight that Pontes defends impressively. Oliver is clearly dominating the frenchman now who seem very tired, landing a clean one-two combo before pushing him to the cage. Another clean strike in the form of a knee from Enkamp, Pontes gets more tired as time passes into the final minute of the fight. Pontes even screams at Enkamp to punch him harder and keeps landing his brutal kicks as time runs out and it’s up to the judges scoring cards.

Winner by decision (Unanimous) Oliver Enkamp 

Michel Ersoy vs. Fabien Gallinaro
Round 1

The superior regular Ersoy starts of with some nice movement looking for his distance, he grinds Fabien down and gets the takedown landing in the full guard of Gallinaro struggling to improve the positions. They get back to their feet and have a brief exchange before Ersoy takes a knee to the body and ends up on the bottom, after getting to his feet Ersoy is taken down again by Gallinaro but he scrambles and gets the top position in the full guard. Gallinaro has a cut over his right eye. The buzzer sounds as Ersoy lands some hard strikes to the cut face of the french.

Round 2
Ersoy storms forward and lands a good strike before Gallinaro rushes him and gets him to the ground but Ersoy advances and takes the back making Gallinaro tap with a rear naked choke.


Winner by submission (rear naked choke) in the 2nd round, Michel Ersoy!

Sadibou Sy vs. David Round
Round 1

And it’s on right away as Sy throws a hard high kick thats blocked by Round, and it is just a high kick from Sy that lands clean on the side of the head of Round sending him down to the canvas as the referee stops it.

Winner KO in the first round, Sadibou Sy!

Alexander Bergman vs. Lahat Faye
Round 1

ThEy start out calm and move slowly feeling each other out, Faye pushes Bergman to the cage and they start exchanging knees that lead to short break after one lands in the groin of Alexander. They go back to the clinch but Bergman tags Faye hard but Faye sends Alexander to the canvas. The fight slows down until Bergman scores a takedown and starts to work on improving his position, he lands in a side control and slides to knee on belly but Faye escapes to his feet and the Bergman gets to the top and hammers away as the time runs out saving Lahat Faye.

Round 2
This round starts out with some movement with Bergman dictating what direction they go, Alexander scores a simple takedown and goes to work on his position. He passes the guard to side control and after a scramble lands in the half guard of Faye but advances to full mount. He starts to hammer away and the ref steps in stopping it!

Winner by TKO in the second round, Alexander Bergman!

Martin Akhtar vs. Declan Williams
Round 1
It’s Williams who lands the first strikes some nice low kicks as Akhtar looks for his range, a superman punch attempt from Akhtar lands the fighters in a clinch against the cage. Back in the centre its MArtin who pushes and tags the british but he bounces back and starts to put pressure on Martin who responds well. Akhtar gets a good thai clinch and sends a few hard knees to the body of Williams who visibly felt it, Williams shoots for a single leg takedown and gets it, landing in the full guard as time runs out.

Round 2
Some smaller strike exchanges leads to Akthar landing on top of Willams who gets punished every chance Martin gets. As MArtin sends a hard elbow Willams dodges it making Akhtar fall down. This leads to Declan trying for a guillotine and an armbar that Akhtar nicely escapes. Just as Declan tries to stand up Martin sends a knee that lands in the face of Willams causing the ref to call a time out. The fight picks back up in a furious pace with Akhtar in charge with knees and strikes, as Declan shoots for a takedown Martin locks in a guillotine that after a few seconds makes the british tap out.


Winner by submission (guillotine choke) in the 2nd round, Martin Akhtar!

Simon Skold vs. Christopher Sengele
Round 1
And it’s on, after some movement and brief exchanges they clinch up and you can’t tell that its been a 2 year absence for Simon. A slick trip and Skold gets the takedown working with body shots to improve his position, but after being tagged its Sengele who comes out in the top position. Using his strength Skold gets back up and they clinch up shortly, after a short time apart Simon scores another takedown landning him in the top position ending the round with some ground n pound.

Round 2
Skold with a nice high kick thats no harm done, Sengele gets a takedown landing him on top in Skolds halfguard. Simon gets a full guard and almost locks a leg triangle in but Sengele escapes it and they get back to their feet, The Gentleman uses a good pressure to keep Sengele pinned against the cage as he looks for openings. Some strikes are thrown and its simon who lands the best ones, he follows it up with a takedown, quickly taking the back and secures the rear naked choke that makes Sengele tap.

Winner by submission (rear naked choke) in round 2, Simon ‘The Gentleman’ Sköld!

Papy Abedi vs. Bruno Carvalho
Round 1
The evenings co-main is on the way Bruno with front kicks and Papy responds with a hard low kick, Abedi lets a few of those hard overhand lefts go but no harm done. As Papy moves in a hard body kick from Carvalho lands on the cup of Papy sending him down and the referee pauses the fight for him to recover. Abedi is landing more strikes as Carvalho finally falls over and he keeps chasing him until Bruno manages to clinch up to survive the round. Papy tags Bruno again sending him to the canvas tacking a few more strikes before the referee steps in to end it.


Winner by TKO in the first round, Papy Abedi!

David Bielkheden vs. Luis Ramos
Round 1
And we have arrived at the main event that starts out with both guys looking for the reach, Buster lands a hard over hand right but as he throws a kick he gets taken down, quick back to his feet though. David is the one who has the pressure so far, he pushes Ramos up against the cage working to progress. As David goes for a hard body kick Ramos lands a good low kick that sends Bielkheden to the canvas but he is back up on his feet fast, a lot of clinch up against the cage in this fight.

Round 2
Some brief exchange against the cage and a pushkick from Buster lands them in another clinch against the fence, David trying to throw some punches but its hard from this position. David gets tagged but hes still the one pushing forward, he lands a good straight right and keeps pushing. Clinch up against the cage again, David trying to trip Ramos with no success but in a moment of movement he gets the trip and in the final seconds he dives at his opponent landning a punch but the horn sounds and ends the round.

Round 3
The final round starts now Ramos tries to advance with some punches that leads nowhere, after some clinch work Buster gets a takedown and lands in Ramos Halfguard. He gets back up to his feet only to see Ramos get back up again, David rocks Ramos and keeps pouring the strikes on him, RAmos falls down and David gets some more ground action before the referee steps in and ends it.

Winner by TKO in the final round, David Bielkheden!