Cage 17 weigh-ins went smoothly at the Amarillo night club in the centrum of Oulu. All fighters who stepped on the scale made weight and looked ready scrap tomorrow.

Catchweight: Jarkko Latomäki (74,7kg) vs Ivica Truscek (75,0 kg)

Bantamweight: Heikki Tiilikka (57,9 kg) vs Owen Gayle (57,9 kg)

Welterweight: Kai Puolakka (77,1 kg) vs Gary Kono ( 76,4 kg)

Featherweight: Jerry Kvarnström (65,8 kg) vs Olivier Pastor (65,7 kg)

Lightweight: Antti Virtanen (70,2 kg)vs Claes Beverlöv (70,2 kg)

Women 58 kg: Maiju Kujala (will weigh-in later) vs Karla Benitez (55,6 kg)

Lightweight: Rafael Domingos (69,0 kg) vs Mourad Enasseri (69,5 kg)

Welterweight: Jussi Pulkkinen (76,7 kg) vs Mahamadou Cisse (will weigh-in later)

Featherweight: Markus Rytöhonka (65,7 kg) vs Miika Kauppinen (65,4 kg)

Bantamweight: Juuso Halme (65,6 kg) vs Jaakko Väyrynen (65,8 kg)

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Pre-fight comments

Heikki Tiilikka: The opponent looks like to be a strong fellow. I don’t have specific game plan for this fight other than to pick my shots on the feet and stay out of harm’s way. I had a really good training camp at Oulu. Preparation for this fight has gone better ever before.

Antti Virtanen: Training has gone well. I have had the opportunity to spar with some really tough guys. I’m going to keep my cool in the fight and rely on my own strengths.

Claes Beverlöv: Preparation went just great. I feel very excited and I just wanna compete.

Rafael Domingos: I’m very excited for this fight. I’ve been preparing at the Oulun Kamppailuklubi and everything has gone really well. I’m happy that I get to fight in Finland like my master Demian Maia did early in his career. I will represent Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in the cage and I’m going to use it.

Stay tuned for live results tomorrow and event report with results on Sunday!

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