Allstars Training Center’s David Teymur (5-1) shocked American Lando Vannata (9-1) at UFC 209 last night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.  The Allstars Training Center fighter slowed the hype train of Vannata and started one of his own with 30-27 score card from all three judges in the co-main event. Read the play-by-play of the fight below.


Live Results

Teymur is the first to come out to the Octagon. In his corner is brother Daniel Teymur and Allstars Training Center’s head coach Andreas Michael and they are all looking relaxed in front of the sold out crowd. The Swede is truly enjoying hearing Bruce Buffer introduce him. Herb Dean is the referee for the bout.

Round 1 – Teymur in the southpaw stance, and he tries a left kick to the body. Vannata’s head is straight up as he moves in and out, which could mean trouble for the American. Low left kick to the lead leg for David. Both keeping their distance, then a wild exchange. You can feel the explosiveness and power of both strikers. Cartwheel kick to the head from Vannata. Is Teymur hurt? No, he fires back. Left hand by Teymur and another. Two minutes left in this round. The momentum has changed.

Nice left high-kick for David. Spinning kick from Vannata and another that misses by a mile. Teymur lands a swift left kick to the head and the timing of the Swede is coming together. Vannata goes for a takedown, but Teymur defends and it is back t o the feet. Teymur has Vannata hurt! Vannata throws a hook and cuts Teymur, but it is the Allstars fighter that is winning the exchanges. What a pace! The Swede raises his hands and celebrates a round that he thinks he got the best of, which he likely did.

In between rounds, Teymur looks to be the more relaxed man while Vannata is trying to catch his breath.

Round 2 – In and out from both fighters looking for their opportunity. Teymur can see the spinning kicks coming. Vannata with a swift right hand, but Teymur responds. The two briefly tie-up. Good knees in the tie-up from Teymur that has found a way to damage even in the tie-up.

Two minutes into the round, and a counter spin kick from Vannata that lands to the face. Teymur seems un-phased. Teymur tests the chin with a straight left hand. The Swede bleeding on the left eye. Superman punch from Teymur that lands big! Wow!

Take-down from Teymur, and as Vannata gets up a nice knee. Amazing work from Teymur that is picking up the pace and highlighting that he is a true martial artists. One minute left in the round. Lando moving forward. Solid left hand again from Teymur, and knees and another punch. Great round for Teymur that wins this one for sure.

Round 3 – Vannata rushes in to start the last round. Both are throwing power punches. Good inside leg kick for Teymur. Counter from Vannata as the Allstars fighter lands another kick. Left kick low and high from the Swede. Three minutes left. Anyone’s fight here.

Left, right combination from Teymur with power! Now a double-leg takedwon from the Swede that is doing it all! Two minutes left here. Another takedown for Teymur after an exchange.

Right hand from Vannata, but it is Teymur looking for his highlight finish. Another right from Vannata. One minute left. Left and right hand from Teymur, and another quick take-down. This is the Swedes round! Teymur with another left hand. Left to the body. That was the Swede’s round!

Teymur wins 30-37 on all three scorecards.

“Dream come true” – Teymur

“I am here for the belt” says the winner to Joe Rogan in the post-fight interview. “50 G’s Baby” says the Swede that wants Performance of the Night. It is the third straight win for Teymur in the Octagon.

Post-Fight Press Conference