Swedish MMA standout Diego Gonzalez (pictured on the right against Akihiro Gono) is planning his comeback.

Gonzalez has been on the sidelines since his decision loss in Sengoku in March of 2010.  Going into that fight, Gonzalez was on a eight fight win streak over a three year span, and looked ready to topple the former Pancrase, Pride, and UFC super star.  It seems however his knee was hampering his success.  We look forward to a speedy recovery and seeing Diego fight at 100% soon. Perhaps in the next Superior Challenge?

Below is an update from Diego Gonzalez –who is also one of the fastest iPhone typers– in an interview with mmaViking.com.  Thanks Diego!

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1. mmaViking.com : What was your injury, and how did it occur?
“I had a torn acl and meniscus. I was doing some wrestling and it happend when I was defending a takedown. I was trying to ignore the injury for a couple of months and did the Gono fight and when I was training for Superior challenge after that fight I came to my senses and realised I had to have the surgery. I’m pretty stubborn so I had to at least try to make it work without surgery.”

2. mmaViking.com : How is your recovery coming?
“My recovery is looking good. Doing alot of rehab and worked hard to get the strength back. I’m back in training and I’m hoping to be back 100% very soon.”

3. mmaViking.com : When do you expect to fight again?
“Its looking good so im expecting to be back at the beginning of 2011.”