At the recent UFC “Go Big” press conference, Daniel Cormier was quick to defend the Swede Alexander Gustafsson, but still brag that he was on another level than the challenger. “You always talk about how close he fought Jon Jones, but what about his earth shattering win over Jimi Manuwa…. Really, you guys talk about a fight that he lost”. says the champion. “He fought a guy (Jon Jones) closer than I fought him” admits DC, but boasts he is on another level.

The Mauler today responded to the statements made by the wrestler last Saturday on Social Media:

A lot of media and you fans have asked what I think about DCs comment on the UFC GoBig press-conference?

You know, I think he is right, DC is a very loving and humble person and he says what he truly believes.

This will be a test for me, to meet the Champion in LHW division, the rightful Champion without question and one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world??!??!

I know have to work hard and be in excellent shape as DC is all year around. Right now I believe my weight is good 1 month before the fight, I used a nutritionist, so my weight cut could be as easy as DCs, I will not give him any advantage there.

With all of this said and no matter what DC thinks or believes, I will take that belt on October 3rd and once I have that belt, I hope you all stop talking how close I was getting it from Jon Jones and instead talk about my Earth-shattering win over Daniel Cormier for as long as you guys want smile emoticon