Finland, Iceland, and Sweden all had medalists at the 2018 IMMAF European Open Championships in Bucharest, Romania. There were 18 total medals, with 6 gold medals won by the Nordic fighters with two from Finland and four from Sweden.  Check out all the medals awarded below in another successful year.

Iceland : 1 Bronze

Female Flyweight (125lbs):
Ingibjōrg Helga Arnþórsdóttir (Iceland) – Bronze

Finland : 2 Gold, 2 Silver, 4 Bronze

Female Atomweight (105lbs):
Jenna Horto – Gold

Female Flyweight (125lbs):
Janika Antinmaa – Gold

Female Bantamweight (135lbs)
Karolina Hulkko – Bronze

Female Featherweight (145lbs):
Jenni Kivioja – Silver
Anniina Ervasti – Bronze

Featherweight (145lbs):
Mici Saaristo – Silver

Eemil Kurhela – Bronze

Middleweight (185lbs):
Tommi Leinonen – Bronze

Heavyweight (265lbs):
Matias Anttila – Bronze

Sweden : 4 Gold, 2 Silver, 3 Bronze

Female Strawweight (115lbs):
Anna Astvik – Gold
Nina Back – Silver

Female Bantamweight (135lbs):
Frida Vastamaki – Gold

Flyweight (125lbs):
Sebastian Gonzalez – Bronze
Zoran Milic – Bronze

Bantamweight (135lbs):
Renato Vidovic – Gold
Jonny Touma – Bronze

Featherweight (145lbs):
Amir Malekpour – Gold

Light Heavyweight (205lbs):
Anton Turkalj – Silver