With 140 amateur fighters competing in Las Vegas over the last week, it was the first ever International MMA Federation (IMMAF) world championship where the Nordics countries more than represented. 14 medals in all were brought home from the fight capital of the world as Sweden captured 5 medals, Norway 4, Finland 3, and Denmark 2.

World Champs from Denmark Mikkel Kasper (left) and Sarah Jamila (right)
World Champs from Denmark Mikkel Kasper (left) and Sarah Jamila (right).  Also pictured is Nikolai Koubti and Mikkel Parlo.

Four Nordic fighters took the claim to being the IMMAF Amateur World Champion.  Two of them came in an all Nordic final matchups, as Finn Jari Illikainen beats Swede Joel Moya by submission to capture the featherweight title and Dane Mikkel Kasper stopped Norway’s Gard Olve Sagen in the first round. Finn Aleksi Nurminen and Dane Sarah Jamilia also won gold on the final day as part of the UFC Fan Expo held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Centre. See full results below.

Team Norway Celebrating 4 Medals
Team Norway Celebrating 4 Medals

Men’s Results

Gold: Carlos Hernandez (USA)
Silver: Kristian Lindström Skogmo (Norway)
Bronze: Saku Ronkainen (Finland) & Borisov Petko (Italy)

Gold: Jose Torres (USA)
Silver: Bohdan Holovatyi (Ukraine)
Bronze: Carl Burton (UK) & Liridon Ramani (Belgium)

Gold: Jari Illikainen (Finland)
Silver: Joel Moya (Sweden)
Bronze: Jordan Chester (UK) & Salvatore Liga (Belgium)

Gold: Jose Mariscal (USA)
Silver: Jimmie Jensen (Sweden)
Bronze: Charlie Day (UK) & Guillaume Bletio (France)

Gold: Aleksi Nurminen (Finland)
Silver: Josh Stacey McManus (UK)
Bronze: Joachim Tollefsen (Norway) & Zach Fears (USA)


Team Finland Celebrating 2 Gold Medals
Team Finland Celebrating 2 Gold Medals

Gold: Mikkel Kasper (Denmark)
Silver: Gard Olve Sagen (Norway)
Bronze: Raymond Gray (USA) & Daniel Cassell (UK)

Light Heavyweight
Gold: Alessio Di Chirico (Italy)
Silver: Eivind D. S. Kjønsvik (Norway)
Bronze: Aaron Wallace (Irland) & Karol Linowski (Poland)

Gold: Hans Lackner (Austria)
Silver: Marcin Kalata (Poland)
Bronze: Riini Apo (Nya Zealand) & Alexander Pärleros (Sweden)

Super heavyweight
Gold: Wessel Mosterd (South Africa)
silver: Nicolo Bonati (Romania)
Bronze: Leroy Johnson (Canada)

Women Results

Gold: Daniela Kortmann (Germany)
Silver: Rachelle Abou Abdallah (Lebanon)

Gold: Amanda Ribas (Brazil)
Silver: Gabriella Ringblom (Sweden)
Bronze: Micol Di Segni (Italy)

Gold: Sarah Jamilia (Denmark)
Silver: Aleksandra Milczarek (Poland)
Bronze:Lucrezia Ria (Italy) & Nicole Brown (USA)

Gold: Amanda Lino (South Africa)
Silver: Jill Holmström (Sweden)
Bronze: Andrea Whitney (USA) & Florence Berthet (France)


The fights were filmed and should be made available on UFC’s Fight Pass in the near future.