International Ring Fight Arena (IRFA) had planned it’s 10th event for May 7 at the Fitnessgalan event at the Friends Arena in Stockholm. However, the promotion has recently announced that this has changed.

A rematch of Fawlise and Tambe Was Planned for IRFA 10

A news release from the organization read :

“Due to great interest from partners in the US the setup of IRFA will be subject to some change. Fitnessgalan and Friends Arena are not aligned with the new setup but IRFA still feels that Fitnessgalan is a well organized event and wishes them all the best of luck with their event. IRFA will soon disclose the new time and place for IRFA 10. All fight cards will stay the same but can come to be supplemented with new ones.”

The only official matchup announced was Sweden based Brazilian Alan Carlos (12-8) taking on Artur Guseinov that trains out of Allstars Training Center. The promotion was also targeting a rematch between heavyweight fighters Siehou Fawlise and Malik Tambe.