Two Nordic fighters on tonight’s UFC Fight Night 27 card, and you can get results here. The ‘Condit vs. Kampmann’ event will take place at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis and features Dane Martin Kampmann versus Carlos Condit in the main event, plus prelim headliner fighting out of Stockholm Papy Abedi takes on New Zealand’s Dylan Andrews.

Papy Abedi Results

Papy Abedi
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Australia versus Sweden Jon Anik announces. And now Papy makes his way to the octagon for his fourth time. Diego Gonzalez and Tchavdar Pavlov, old school Hilti fighters are in his corner as Allstars Head Coach is in San Diego preparing The Mauler for his upcoming title bout. Two inch height advantage for Andrews as Papy moved up to Middleweight for this fight.

Round 1:

We are live and the fight is on! Abedi coming out southpaw trying to find his distance and lets a kick fly followed by a straight left. Papy takes the center and moves forward. Papy keeps utilizing all left attacks and shoots for a takedown, gets Andrews up against the cage and gets the BIG SLAM!!! Papy avoids a guillotine attemmpt and passes, Andrews however has a underhook and gets back up. The combatants end up against the cage after a scramble and Abedi does a beautiful Ouchi Gari and establishes top position once more. Papy advances to half guard, Andrews scrambles and Papy looks for a guillotine bit gets countered wiht a single leg attempt. Papy however gets another Judo throw in and looks for another guillotine in the scramble. Andrews is out and takes Papy down as the round ends.

MMAViking scores round 1, 10-9 for Abedi.

Round 2:

Some talk about Andrews having his left hand damaged in between the rounds. Papy keeps pressing forwards but Andrews lets a few more strikes go this round. Papy swings big and misses. As the fight progresses it’s going to be interesting to see how Abedis cardio holds up. Papy advances and lands a swinging right hook that drops Andrews with two minutes left. Abedi is in top half guard and lets some strikes loose on Andrews. He lands big and looks for the guillotine as Andrews scrambles, it’s tight but doesn’t seem to be clean enough. Papy might have burnt out his arms going for that choke.

MMAViking scores round number 2, 10-9 for Abedi.

Round 3:

Encouraging words in Abedis corner. This round will be the most important test to Abedis conditioning. Andrews presses forward and lands a strike but tries to follow up with a flying knee that misses and Papy clinches Andrews up against the cage. Herb Dean breaks them up though, a bit prematurely one might think. Dylan moves forward and catches Abedi who goes down trying to reach a leg but Dylan sprawls and lands some big shots as Herb Dean steps in. Dylan Andrews wins by TKO.

Winner Dylan Andrews by TKO in the 3rd round.

Martin Kampmann Results

Martin Kampmann
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The play by play below is from Sherdog. See the whole card here.

Round 1:

Kampmann shoots immediately for a single-leg, then wraps up Condit’s body and trips him down along the fence. Condit twists underneath and tries to walk off the fence, but he winds up back where he started, with Kampmann in his guard. Kampmann stands and throws punches which Condit is able to deflect. Kampmann tries to take Condit’s back but only manages to sink in one hook before Condit slips free and takes top position. Kampmann works his way back up after absorbing an elbow and puts Condit back on the fence. The welterweights jockey for position, Condit landing body shots and a knee inside. Kampmann hits another takedown with 1:45 left in what has been an up-and-down opening round. Condit slaps at the side of Kampmann’s head as the “Hitman” works to advance. Condit scrambles up and Kampmann is gesturing to his eye soon after, but ref Herb Dean lets them fight on. Kampmann hits a single inside the last 20 seconds to close out the round on top.

Round 2:

Kampmann grabs for another single-leg and gets turned away. A straight left from Kampmann turns Condit’s head, and another left hand follows close behind. Kampmann goes underneath a two-punch combo from Condit to try a double, but he gets shoved off. The next takedown attempt from Kampmann is stuffed, too, and Condit lands his cleanest offense yet with a one-two up top. Kampmann goes after another takedown, can’t get it, and Condit scores with another combo. Kampmann charges forward and runs into a pair of right hooks which redden his face. Condit is stringing it together now, mixing up punching combinations with leg kicks and jabs. Kampmann wants a takedown and puts Condit on the fence again, but Condit slips out and almost takes Kampmann’s back in the process. Instead, they go back to striking, and Condit closes out the round with a slapping head kick and another stuffed takedown.

Round 3:
Kampmann tries to grab hold of Condit on the fence, and again Condit slips right out. The next try is more successful, as Kampmann elevates and plants Condit on the ground near the fence. Condit posts up and stands, then turns Kampmann around and separates. A leaping right hook connects for Condit, followed by a leg kick inside and a left high kick. A pair of long, straight punches from Condit rocks Kampmann’s head and opens up another cut between the Dane’s eyes. More straight punches land on Kampmann’s face, which is now streaked with blood. Kampmann tries to clinch up, so Condit sends hooks around the outside. Left hook, right straight, and another right straight from Condit sends Kampmann stumbling backward into the cage. Kampmann is still bouncing on his toes as he circles the outside, but Condit is just lighting him up in the exchanges now. Kampmann pushes Condit against the cage, so Condit tries a standing power guillotine. Kampmann slips out of this and falls to the ground, so Condit gives chase and tries a rear-naked choke. This won’t stick either, and Kampmann scrambles up to finish the round on his feet.

Round 4:
Kampmann clips Condit with a right hand and shoves him to the ground, but the “Natural Born Killer” recovers quickly and regains his footing. A left hook to the body stuns Kampmann, and Condit tries to capitalize with a barrage of straight punches to the head along the fence. A pair of knees finally sends Kampmann to the ground; he’s not knocked out, but it doesn’t look like he’s in a rush to get back up, and ref Herb Dean steps in to call an end to the fight as Kampmann remains seated, shaking his head.

Condit wins by TKO in Round 4 at 54 seconds.