MMA Viking is reporting live in Halmstad for the first Heroes FC. The 13 fight card of MMA and Muay Thai bouts will start at 18:00. Check out the site for live updates and video interviews.



Reporting Live From Halmstad
Reporting Live From Halmstad



Christoffer Jonasson here with doing play-by-play tonight from the new Halmstad Arena.

MMA -65,8 kg: Michel Ersoy, 0-2-0 vs. Robert Naess, Pro Debut
R1. Both guys come out looking tense, Michel counters the lowkick with a straight punch and drops Robert. Michel taking it easy and calm, and Robert is up again. Robert looking for a takedown but Michel defends very good, both attacking with knees in the clinch. Robert throws/trips Michel and gets half guard, trying to posture and ground and pound. Robert calmly trying to pass Michels guard, but Michel is defending good so far. Michel looking for the kimura from the bottom, and reverses! Cranking hard but lets go and ends up in side control. Round 1 is over and I have it for Michel 10-9.

R2. Robert starts the action with a headkick that is blocked by Michel. A wild exchange and Robert goes for the double but Michel counters and ends up on top, trying to work the guard. Passes into half guard, and keeps pressure on Robert. And robert goes for the sweep and does it beautifully, top control and looking for punches. Showing good control on the top, not giving Michel any room to scramble. Referee Bobby stands them up, and Michel is looking eager. Robert trying to take it to the ground with a takedown but Michel locks up a guillotine choke and the round is ended! I score it 10-9 to Robert Näss.

R3. Both guys trying to find their range, Michel lands a couple of lowkicks and Robert gets the takedown. In half guard trying to advance position. Michel gets him back to guard and fires from the bottom. Robert got full mount, a few punches lands and he’s back to half guard. Robert staying active on the top with a few punches and looking to improve position. Excellent top game from Robert tonight. I score this round 10-9 to Robert.

OFFICIAL DECISION: Michel Ersoy wins by UD

The Two Fighters Acknowledging a Close Bout
The Two Fighters Acknowledging a Close Bout

MMA -83,9 kg: Marcus Andersson, 3-0-0 vs. Jonathan Salminen, 1-0-0

Marcus Andersson
Marcus Andersson Wins in First Round by Armbar

OFFICIAL DECISION: Marcus Andersson wins by Armbar

Thai -81 kg B-Klass : Marcus Johansson, 6-2-0 vs. Kim Dahlgren, 5-1-0
R1. Marcus finding success with the overhand right, but Kim is staying game and counters. Marcus drops Kim with a HUGE overhand right and gets up, and Marcus is rushing forward looking for the finish, landing several overhand rights clean!

R2. Marcus marching towards Kim looking for that finish he almost had in the first, but Kim counters very well. Marcus drops Kim again with a overhand right. Still leaping forward with those overhand rights, which lands 3 times followed by a knee to the body that drops him again. He gets up and is trying to survive the round, and the bell rings!

R3. Both guys eager to start and Marcus is looking tired, and now its Kim teeing off on Marcus with a barrage of knees, strikes and kicks. The hometown crowd goes crazy and now Kim drops Marcus! He barely survived that round.

R4. Marcus looking tired but still eager to fight, and Kim picks him a part with his arsenal of knees in the clinch! Drops him two times this round but he is still hanging in there.

R5. Now it’s Kim looking for the finish and he rushes forward and tries to go back to the clinch for the knees that were so successful, and he does! A barrage of knees and strikes drops Marcus and the crowd goes crazy! That’s the end of a fantastic fight.

OFFICIAL DECISION: Kim Dahlgren wins by TKO

MMA -63 kg: Lina Länsberg, 0-1-0 vs. LJ Adams, 1-0-0
R1. Lina looking good with the striking in the beginning and LJ looks for the takedown but gets the clinch instead. Referee breaks and Lina tees off standing up, LJ still looking to take it to the ground but Lina defends good against the ropes. Referee breaks again and Lina is really showing her superior striking. LJ lands a few as well, but it looks like she is wanting to take her down. She clinches against the ropes and starts looking for the takedown, but Lina is defending well. I score this 10-9 to Lina.

R2. Big right lands clean on LJ and she rushes for the clinch against the ropes. Referee breaks them up and Lina tees off and again LJ looks for the takedown. LJ been spending a lot of time against the ropes but not much happening for her, Lina is defending well. One of the ropes on the ring breaks and referee steps in and pauses the action. They fixed the ring and continued the action, and as before Lina gets a few good shots in and LJ goes for the clinch against the ropes. I score this 10-9 to Lina.

R3. LJ’s right eye is very swollen, and they start off the same way as in every exchange so far. LJ not able to do anything once she gets Lina against the ropes, and now Lina reverses but gets reversed back again. Referee breaks and Lina lands some solid shots and LJ pushes Lina against the ropes yet again. I score this 10-9 to Lina.

Lina Akhtar Länsberg Wins
Lina Akhtar Länsberg Wins

OFFICIAL DECISION: Lina Akhtar Länsberg wins by UD

MMA -70,3 kg: Kristoffer Källgren, 2-1-0 vs. Christopher Wassberg, 2-2-0
R1. Both fighters rush to the middle and bangs it out, Källgren drops Wassberg with a straight punch and with a scramble on the ground Wassberg gets the back trying to advance position. He now gets both hooks in and looks for the rear naked. And he gets it! He stayed calmed and worked for it.

OFFICIAL DECISION: Christopher Wassberg wins by Rear Naked Choke

MMA -70,3 kg: Jonathan Svensson, 4-0-0 vs. Guram Katateladze, 3-0-0
R1. Jonathan chasing Guram with kicks and strikes, looking good so far. Both men with good exchanges, but still staying calm. Jonathan hitting Guram with some solid shots but nothing really hurts him, and Guram answers with a hard lowkick. Now Jonathan gets the clinch and fires a few knees before they break. Guram comes back with some good shots, but Jonathan staying aggressive and in the middle of the ring. Knees are being traded in the clinch and so far its been a very technically fight from both guys. Jonathan is landing those leg kicks a lot and will probably look for them in the next rounds as well. I score that 10-9 to Jonathan, but very close.

R2. Both men trading big shots and Jonathan gets the takedown, but Guram gets up. Now Guram is looking for the takedown after some kicks and strikes traded, he ends up in half guard but Jonathan springs right back up and they’re back to trading shots. Guram with some vicious knees in the clinch but Jonathan is looking fresh and fires back! Good combinations from both guys, really putting on a show here. Guram throws Jonathan on the ground and almost gets reversed but stays on top, and tees off! It’s looking dangerous but Jonathan scrambles and gets back up to his feet. I score that 10-9 to Guram, but again, so close.

R3. Guram with some good combinations, hard kicks to the body and looks for the clinch. Jonathan is still game though and is quick on the counter. GURAM DROPS JONATHAN! Great combination, it looked like he was out but got up quickly again. Great performance by both fighters!

OFFICIAL DECISION: Guram Katateladze wins by KO

Svensson Battles, But Suffers First Loss
Svensson Battles, But Suffers First Loss

MMA -77,1 kg: Per Franklin, 4-2-0 vs. Tim Waage, 1-1-0
R1. Per charging Tim with hard strikes that lands clean, and Tim goes for the takedown. Huge ground and pound from Tim and he gets up, wants it standing. Great knees from Tim and now its Per that looks like he’s in trouble. Both men are trying to find their range but Tim is having a little more success with the stand up. Tim goes for a low kick and lands hard, so hard he breaks his shin! That was a nasty nasty accident. Might have been a miss-step that caused the injury. Tim gets carried away from the ring with a stretcher, too bad because he was just finding his rhytm.

OFFICIAL DECISION: Per Franklin wins by TKO

MMA -77,1 kg: Andreas Ståhl, 7-0-0 vs. Abus Magomedov, 7-0-0
R1. Brief exchange by both fighters and Ståhl works for the takedown but excellent defense from Abus, now clinched against the ropes. Ståhl working really hard for the takedown and kind of gets it but Abus springs right back up, grabs Ståhl and throws him down, both hooks in and Ståhl gets up in a standing position. He scrambles out and they are back to the clinch. Referee breaks them, and it looks like Abus is getting the better standing up with his reach, but Ståhl scores a great double leg takedown. Ståhl staying on top, trying to ground and pound but Abus knows what he’s doing and defends well. Tough round to score

R2. Ståhl swinging hard for the knockout, rushes forward and gets a takedown. Staying active in full guard, trying to posture up. Lands some good ground and pound before he gets the back while Abus is in turtle position. Ståhl hammering down and dives for the Rear Naked Choke and he gets it!! Smart fight by Ståhl with a great finish.

Stahls with Big Win in His Comeback Fight
Stahls with Big Win in His Comeback Fight

OFFICIAL DECISION: Andreas Ståhl wins by Rear Naked Choke.

MMA -120,1 kg: Yosef Ali Mohammad, 1-0-0 vs. Viktor Pesta, 7-0-0
R1. Viktor rushes forward, Josef gets pushed back all the way but reverses to a beautiful takedown that sends both fighter out of the ring. Josef is on bottom but reverses and stands up, some ground and pound and Viktor takes Josef down again, now its Viktor standing up looking to reign down punches. Viktor got him in turtle position and throws hard hooks down on Josef. I score it 10-9 to Viktor

R2. Both guys staying calm, then Viktor rushes forward again and gets Josef down, showing good wrestling. Josef scrambles back up, but Viktor is quick with the takedown and back into control of the fight. A scramble and Josef ends up trying for a knee bar, but Viktor recognizes and stays out of harms way. Hard ground and pound from Viktor lands clean! Back into full guard and the referee stands them up. Josef getting the better of Viktor with the stand up but Viktor dives for the takedown and gets it. Ends the round on top, exhausted. Viktor that is.  I score it 10-9 to Viktor, close round however.

R3. Viktor looks tired and got clipped! Lunges forward with a hook but misses, Josef looks solid standing up here. Viktor goes for that takedown and he gets it, not doing much with it though. Not much happening now for 2 minutes, Josef trying to scramble but can’t get it. Referee stands them up, and Viktor rushes for the takedown, and he gets it. Josef gets on top, postures up for a last attempt at finishing but can’t get it. I score it 10-9 to Viktor.

Muhammad with a Controversial Decision Win
Muhammad with a Controversial Decision Win

OFFICIAL DECISION: Josef Ali Muhammed wins by SD

Thai A-klass -58 kg : Madeleine Vall, 43-13-0 vs. Christin Fiedler, 20-10-0

OFFICIAL DECISION: Madeleine Vall wins
Co main-event: MMA -61,2 kg: Martin Akhtar, 2-0-0 vs. Emil Hartsner, 3-0-0
R1. Both fighters very tense, feeling each other out. Emil engages and gets Martin against the ropes, looking to take the fight to the ground. Emil works hard for the takedown, but Martin reverses and ends up on top against a very dangerous submission artist in Emil who looks for the triangle choke right away. Locks it up and it looks very tight! Martin fights well but cant shake him off, finally he shakes loose and ends up on top! However Emil is quick to get back and takes Martin down, now Martin is working the guard looking for submissions, Emil stays calm and advance position into full mount. Now both hooks are in and he’s looking for the rear naked coke, Martin however is very game and is showing good defense, Emil goes back to full mount and ground and pound, back to the back again and almost got the choke. I score that 10-9 to Emil

R2. Martin looking good standing up and pushes Emil out of the ring, Emil gets back in and gets Martins back after a failed spinning fist attempt. Now he’s got both hooks. Goes to full mount to ground and pound, then back to the back again hammering down hard hooks . Now Emil goes back to the mount again, and then back to the back, hammering down on the body. Emil is being super active on the ground here but Martin has really worked on his defense and so far he’s successfully defended everything being thrown at him. Emil stays glued on him and finishes strong with  some nice ground and pound. I score that 10-9 to Emil

R3. Martin throwing some punches but Emil rushes forward and works for a takedown, gets it and lands in full mount. Takes the back with a body triangle. Staying active is Emil, throwing punches from the full guard now, so far this fight has been all Emil surfing back and forth from back control and full mount. Incredible ground game but Martin is showing off good defensive grappling. Martin reverses and he is on top, and now Emil reverses beautifully. Goes to the back, sinks in the body triangle and pressures Martin, looks like he got the choke but Martin hangs in there and the round is over. Great performance by both fighters but Emil was too much for Martin on the ground. I score that round 10-9 to Emil.

OFFICIAL DECISION: Emil Hartsner wins by UD

Emil Hartsner Dominant in Halmstad
Emil Hartsner Dominant in Halmstad

Co main-event: MMA -83,9 kg: Alan Carlos, 10-7-0 vs. Allan Love, 9-4-0
R1. Fairly uneventful round. Love catches a kick and takes Carlos to the ground. Not much achieved by Love on top, Love is being very careful, respecting Alans ground game. The round ends with Love on top!

R2. Both fighters picking their shots carefully, pretty even so far in the fight. Carlos scores a beautiful combination and follows up with a straight right that drops Love! Looks like he’s in trouble, but after a scramble he gets up and Carlos got him against the ropes. Carlos looking for a standing triangle but Love drops down and he goes for a guillotine it looks like, and its tight! Carlos taps!

OFFICIAL DECISION: Allan Love wins by guillotine

Exciting Co-Headliner Ends Up with Love Submission
Exciting Co-Headliner Ends Up with Love Submission

Main-event: Thai A-Klass -70 kg : Sanny Dahlbeck, 27-4-1 vs. Mauro Serra, 19-6-2

OFFICIAL DECISION: Sanny Dahlbäck by judges decision.

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Gladiator and MMA Pro Lina Eklund (Left)
Gladiator and MMA Pro Lina Eklund (Left)
Frontier MMA
Frontier MMA Team Celebrate Hartsner’s Win