Carelia Fight 11 will take take place on Saturday night at the Imatran Urheilutalo. will be reporting live from the event with eight professional bouts, where local Eeva Siiskonen faces late replacement Melinda Fabian.  See results below as they happen and photos from the event will be posted shortly after.

DSC_2741 copy
Juuso Halme, Eeva Siiskonen, and Antti Virtanen Ready to Enjoy Carelia 11

Live Results

Amateur Fights

83,9 kg, 2x5min
Jani Koponen, MMA Imatra vs Ivan Bogdanov, Gladiators Team Pietari, Venäjä
Winner: 2. round, 4:01, KO Bogdanov

77,1 kg, 2x5min
Janne Heinonen, Oulun Kamppailuklubi vs Aleksey Ivanov, SechPRO, Venäjä
Winner: 1. round 1:45, TKO Ivanov

77,1 kg, 2x5min
Tony Kiander, Edge Vantaa vs Shamil Ahmedov, Gladiators Team Pietari, Venäjä
Winner: 1. round 3:57, sub (ankle lock) Kiander

65.8kg, 3x3min
Paavo Rantanen, MMA Imatra vs Niko Aikonen, MMA Joensuu
Winner: 2. round 1:25, sub (armbar) Aikonen

DSC_3164 copy
Ring Girl Kicks Off the 8 Fight Pro Card

Juuso Halme, MMA Imatra vs Timo Suihkonen KKU, Team BP 65.8 KG
Halme wins by TKO in first round at 2:30.

Janne Sinersaari, MMA Lappeenranta, Team EF vs Jesse Koivuniemi, KKU, Team BP 70.3 KG
Sinersaari wins quickly with a first round submission by rear-naked choke at 3:45.

Aleksi Savolainen, MMA Imatra vs Jani Salmi, Primus Fight Team / GB Gym, Helsinki 70.3 KG
Salmi wins by TKO at 3:49 of round 1.

DSC_3661 copy
Salmi Celebrating Win with GB Gym Crew

Jani Ridasmaa, TEF vs. Dmitry Berezin, Team SechPRO, Venäjä – 75 KG
Ridasmaa wins in devastating fashion with a TKO at 2:22 of round 2.

—20 minute break, before—

Jari Illikainen, MMA Lappeenranta, Team EF vs Khongor Opinov, Leader Sport Club, Venäjä 63 KG
Illikainen wins by submission (armbar), but Opinov protesting saying he did not tap.  The bout ends at 2:54 of first.

DSC_4388 copy
Aleksi Mäntykivi, MMA Lappeenranta, Team EF vs Vladimir Fedin Leader Sport Club, Venäjä 75 KG
Mäntykivi is a hurricane of violence.  But for the first time tonight, we are headed to a 3rd round.  But this won’t see the end, as the Team East Front fighter stops the bout in brutal fashion just 40 second into the last frame.

Ott Tonissaar, Tartu Figtsport Gym / Primus Fight Team, Viro vs Declan Larkin, Next Generation, Pohjois-Irlanti 73 KG
Tonissaar wins by first round armbar in devastating fashion in what looked to be an arm break, although there was an eventual tap.

DSC_4548 copy
The Estonian Wins by Armbar

Eeva Siiskonen, MMA Imatra vs Melinda Fabian, Hungarian TopTeam, Unkari 63 KG
This will go down to who wins the third as each fighter has won a round. But, there is no winner tonight in the main event as the judges see the bout as a draw.

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