FNF 12 will feature a main event with Finn Juho Valamaa (10-3) facing Omar Santana (10-3) from Spain in Turku, Finland today.

The unique event will combine the live fight card at 16:00, then show the UFC Fight Night London on a big screen beginning at 19:00 with a partnership with Viaplay featuring Turku fighters Makwan Amirkhani and Teemu Packalen.

Janne Rantanen, WFC Warriors vs. Jani Ketolainen, MMA Kotka -70,3 kg

Jani Ketolainen defeats Janne Rantanen via rear naked choke, round three.

Ketolainen punishes Rantanen with a right hand
Ketolainen punishes Rantanen with a right hand

Olli Santalahti, FFG vs. Atte Ala-Kortesniemi, RNC -77,1 kg

Santalahti defeats Ala-Kortesniemi via rear naked choke, round 1.


Mika Kuronen, FFG vs. Raimondas Sinica, Primus -77,1 kg

Mika Kuronen defeats Raimondas Sinica via side choke, round one.

"Mika Kuronen finishes his opponent"
Mika Kuronen finishes his opponent

Miika Mehmet, Primus vs. Rokas Stambrauskas, Liettua -+93 kg

Rokas Stambrauskas defeats Miika Mehment by TKO, first round.


Patrik Pietilä, Primus vs. Anthony Dizy, Ranska -70,3 kg

Pietilä loses by unanimous decision.


Juho Valamaa, Primus vs. Omar Jesus Santana, Espanja -77,1 kg

Valamaa wins by unanimous decision.