There are four Nordic fighters on tonight’s card, and is cageside for live reporting of the UFC Fight Night London Card.  Swedes Martin Svensson and David Teymur will kick-off the event, with Teemu Packalen up next, then headlining the prelim card will be  Makwan Amirkhani.

Martin Svensson Versus David Teymur


Round 1

Svensson and Teymur take to the octagon. Teymur takes center control early, catches a kick from Svensson, then throws a looping left. Svensson goes to the body of Teymur. Svensson shoots for a takedown, but Teymur stuffs it. Another body kick is delivered by Sensson, but Teymur catches it once more. Teymur fires up top and connects, and Svensson returns the favor with a left hook that connects. Teymur lands a thudding leg kick. Another kick attempt from Svensson is caught, and he attempts a takedown, but again, Teymur stuffs it. Teymur throws a kick to the body, and Svensson kicks his leg out and takes his back against the cage. Teymur escapes, and lands a hard body kick on Svensson who is momentarily pushed against the cage. The two return to the center, and Svensson throws a kick which is caught. Svensson sits, and awaits Teymur on the ground, but Teymur is not inclined to join him. Svensson stands, and eats a spinning back kick. Teymur then shoots, and secures the top position for the final 10 seconds of the frame.

Round 2

Svensson marches to the center, and narrowly avoids a heavy right from Teymur. Svensson then eats a left-right-left combination which backs him up. Svensson attempts a clinch and eats a right hand for his effort. A long shot from the distance is attempted by Svensson, and Teymur slides out of the way. Svensson attempts it again, but Teymur makes him pay for returning to the same bag of tricks with a vicious left uppercut to the chin. Svensson hits the mat, and the fight is stopped.

David Teymur defeats Martin Svensson via TKO at 3:37 of the second round.

Teemu Packalen Versus Thibault Gouti


Round 1

The two touch gloves and Gouti takes thec center of the cage. Packalen fires an uppercut early and Gouti hits the mat. Packalen is all over him, and he wraps his arm around Gouti’s throat. The frantic tap comes almost immediately.

Teemu Packalen defeats Thibaut Gouti via submission (rear naked choke) at 24 seconds of Round 1.

Makwan Amirkhani Versus Mike Wilkinson


Round 1

Amirkhani emerges with a familiar flash of white teeth as he grins at the British crowd. Wilkinson comes out to the roars of his countrymen, and his face is masked with tranquility. They take their places in the cage with referee Grant Waterman. The door is closed and the action begins. Amirkhani takes the center of the cage early and shoots for a takedown after some circling. It’s successful. Amirkhani passes to side control, but shortly loses the position. Some small shots from Amirkhani land from the top. Wilkinson attempts to sweep, but Amirkhani is on him like glue. Amirkhani stand, then drops the hammer with a big right hand. Wilkinson attempts to create distance again, but Amirkhani surges forward and takes knee on belly, which moves to a brief mount of the Brit. Wilkinson shakes him off, but Amirkhani surges back into his guard, then passes into side control with a cartwheeling jump. The Finn attempts to drop elbows, but finds his arm keylocked by Wilkinson who has him in what appears to be an extremely painful elbow lock. The Finn escapes, and finishes the round on top.

Round 2

Amirkhani and Wilkinson eet in the center of the cage once more, with Wilkinson taking the outside position. Amirkhani attempts a kick and Wilkinson catches his kick. Amirkhani takes him down, however and applies the pressure early. Amirkhani achieves mounted crucifix, drops and elbow, then moves along to north-south. Wilkinson attempts to shove him off, and the Finn finds himself searching for another takedown with his neck in a guillotine choke. Amirkhani hand fights, strains, and turns into the choke, then finds himself on top once more. Amirkhani is diligent with his top-position work ethic, and finds himself mounting Wilkinson once more. Wilkinson scrambles from the bottom and is able to move Amirkhani enough to get him off, then to his feet, but as Wilkinson rolls to truly escape, he moves right into Amirkhani’s grasp. Amirkhani ends the round on top, once again.

Round 3

The final frame opens and Wilkinson looks for his opening with a big swinging right hand that misses. Amirkhani attempts a takedown and finds his neck in Wilkinson’s headlock, but only for a moment. Amirkhani turns his shot into a single leg and wrestles Wilkinson to the mat. Wilkinson creates space, and attempts a guillotine as Amirkhani shoots, but he loses it. The Finn loses position, however, and Wilkinson is in Amirkhani’s open half guard until Amirkhani reverses and finds himself on top. Amirkhani attempts to stand, but eats a punch, and Wilkinson finds himself on top of the Finn. Wilkinson attempts a D’arce choke, but Amirkhani uses an underhook to give himself a chance to stand, which he turns into a takedown directly into mount. Amirkhani begins to drop elbows, and finishes the frame with his elbow in the Brit’s face.

Makwan Amirkhani defeats Mike Wilkinson via unanimous decision.