is live in Malmö for full coverage of Superior Challenge 12.  Joachim Christensen (10-3) will defend his SC light heavyweight title against the rising Swedish star Max ”Power” Nunes (15-2) in the main event. Live play-by-play of each bout and photos will be found below.

We are live!
We are live!

The co-main events are action packed, too. UFC and Pride veteran David Bielkheden (20-12) faces off against oddball TUF and UFC veteran Cody McKenzie.  The hometown favorite Martin Akhtar (4-3-1) will face Frenchman Antoine Gallinaro (7-1-1). This card will also see a couple fight, as Martin’s wife Lina Akthar Länsberg (3-1) will face German Alexandra Buch (8-3) for the first ever bantamweight belt. Sweden based Brazilian Bruno Carvalho will also face Mohammed Abdallah in a much anticipated showdown.

Fight Card & Results

Arman Popal vs Linus Ahlbäck -70,3 kg
Round 1 – The two begin the process of feeling one another out. The bout opens and Popal controls the center of the cage, keeping Ahlbäck on the end of his crisp left hand. Popal lands a solid combination and Ahlbäck backs to the cage. Ahlbäck fires back but doesn’t land clean. Popal throws a humongous left hand and blitzes forward, pushing Ahlbäck to the cage, a la Vitor Belfort. Ahlbäck weathers the storm, however, and circles out. The two exchange solid kicks and the round closes.

Round 2-  The second round begins and the two touch gloves. Ahlbäck goes to work with his jab, but Popal ducks under and tags him with a heavy overhand left which drops Ahlbäck. Popal follows up and the action is all over as the ref dives between them. Ahlbäck, however, is dazed and doesn’t understand. He continues to grapple the referee.

Winner by KO, Round 2, Arman Popal.

Sadibou Sy vs Carl Booth  -80 kg 
Round 1 – The two fighters enter the cage, and the crowd responds. The fighters are introduced to healthy applause. The two touch gloves and the action commences with Sy feeling out the distance. He throws a kick to the body of Booth, then to the leg. Booth returns to the body. Sy takes the center early then tags Booth with a kick to the ribs which leaves him reddened. The two kick near simultaneously, then Sy hits Booth with a resounding kick to the body. Sy feints, then Booth follows suit. Another solid kick to the body from the Swedish fighter, this one lands to the liver of his opponent, and he grabs his stomach in agony as he drops to the mat. Sy then proceeds to drop punches from his guard until the Ref calls the fight.


Winner by TKO at 2 minutes of the first round, Sadibou Sy.

Mattias Brandt vs Alexander Jacobsen -70,3 kg
Round 1 – The two fighters touch gloves and Brandt throws a hard leg kick, which is checked by Jacobsen, but it sounds… off. The resounding crack and the way Brandt backs away spells trouble. He falls to the mat clutching his leg. It appears broken.

The fight is called, but no time or method of victory is given. One can assume TKO.

Alexander Bergman vs Simone Tessari -83,9 kg
Round 1 Before this bout began, an SMMAF official instructed judges personally to deduct a point from Tessari for some issue relating to his legs. It was not announced, however. The two fighters emerge, and touch gloves, and Bergman immediately takes the center. Tessari throws a leg kick, but its checked and countered. Tessari wings in, but falls short, and Bergman throws a headkick in rebuttal. The kick lands on the gloves of the Italian, who kicks to the leg of Bergman and is taken down. Bergman effortlessly moves to mount and attempts an arm triangle, but the Italian gives up his back, and Bergman takes it. Bergman begins unloading shots on Tessari, then sinks in a rear-naked choke.  Tessari attempts to stand, but only makes it to a crouched position. Bergman is denied the choke for the moment, and so he resumes his pounding onslaught of punches. Bergman loses a leg hook due to Tessari moving closer to the fence, but is able to take both back and finally sink in the choke he was searching for. It’s deep and Tessari’s face says panic. Tessari succumbs to Bergman’s choke and taps.

Tyresö in the house Alexander Bergman

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Winner by Submission at 3 minutes of the first round, Alexander Bergman.

Alejandro Ferreira vs Martin Hudson -77,1 kg
Round 1 – Martin Hudson neglects the walk-out, instead favoring a sprint. He appears aggressively pumped, slapping himself in the face before he enters the cage. His opponent, Alejandro Ferreira emerges, also quite motivated in appearance. Hudson charges out, and without a touch of gloves clinches with Ferreira, the Swede. Hudson takes Ferreira down with a trip and imediately passes to mount. Ferreira  attempts a scramble, and Hudson takes his back. Hudson fighting for a rear naked choke. Ferreira, however, refuses to have any part of this and is able to initiate a scramble wherein he lands on top. This doesn’t last long, however, Hudson sweeps and lands on top again. Ferreira escapes to his feet and latches onto the back of Hudson in the scramble. Ferreira alternating between rear naked choke attempts and pounding blows from the back, but Hudson rolls within Ferreira’s legs and ends up in guard, then standing. Hudson latches onto a guillotine attempt with his back to the cage, then abandons it for a takedown attempt. He lands in the half guard of Ferreira, then briefly passes to mount. Ferreira shakes him off and shrimp escapes back to half guard, but Hudson refuses to stay there. He takes mount once more, but Ferreira gives up his back. The round ends with Hudson raining down blows to Ferreira’s head from behind.

Round 2 – Ferreira opens up the round with and overhand right and pressures  Hudson to the cage. Hudson attempts a takedown and finds success. Hudson works to pass the guard of Ferreira and succeeds, finding his way into mount. Hudson is raining down blows, and as Ferreira rolls beneath him he finds himself taking Ferreira’s back and punching his way to a stoppage as Ferreira turtles up.

Michel Ersoy vs Mehdi Maymo -65,8 kg
Round 1 – Maymo and Ersoy touch gloves and Ersoy, the Swede, comes out with pressure. Ersoy takes down the Spaniard and the Spaniard regains his feet to find himself being pushed into the cage by the Swede who is throwing huge shots, Two right hands bash the Spaniard in quick succession and he drops. Maymo retains his feet but Ersoy is just picking his shots and sees a perfect place for an overhand right. He drops the hammer and the lights go out for Maymo.


Winner by way of KO at 40 seconds of the first round, Michel Ersoy.

Main Card
Lina Akhtar Länsberg vs Alexandra Buch -61,2 k

Round 1 –  The two fighters neglect a touch of gloves and Länsberg fires a crisp leg kick. Buch follows to the body, and Länsberg catches her with a right hand that makes her cover up. Buch is pressed against the cage, but clinches and takes a standing arm triangle. She fails to secure the trip, but hits Länsberg with a hard knee before the two break. Buch lnds a solid left kick to the body, but Länsberg returns with a left hook. Buch clinches and attempts a throw, which fails. Länsberg lands atop her and takes mount. The punches and elbows are unleashed and the referee calls the fight after Buch has absorbed enough damage.

Winner by way of TKO at 2:30 of the first round, and still Superior Challenge Women’s Featherweight Champion, Lina Akhtar Länsberg.

Bruno Carvalho vs Mohammed Abdallah -77,1 kg
Round 1 – Carvalho is announced to boos from the Swedish crowd. The two touch gloves, and begin the action. Abdallah starts the show with a left hook that lands on the jaw of Carvalho. Carvalho takes the center against the shorter opponent and throws a kick to the body, which barely makes contact. Abdallah blitzes forward and tags Carvalho with another left hook. Carvalho attempts to answer with a left-right, but it appears ineffectual, though he does score a knee to the body. Abdallah is walking Carvalho down and landing huge shots. An overhand right drops Carvalho against the cage, and the horror is apparent in his face for a brief moment. Abdallah drops on top of him, throwing big right hands with angry intent until he separates Carvalho from consciousness.

Winner by KO at 2 minutes of the first round, Mohammed Abdallah.

David Bielkheden vs Cody McKenzie -77,1 kg
Round 1 – Cody McKenzie emerges to respectful applause, though his opponent takes the lion’s share of the crowd’s love. Bielkheden appears stoic but respectful. Bielkheden ens with a leg kick, which is checked well by McKenzie, who returns fir with a left hand and a knee. Bielkheden bullies him to the cage and lands a right hand, but McKenzie circles ot. McKenzie throws a lazy kick down the center and eats a kick from Bielkheden to the body. Another shot to the body by Bielkheden lands and opens the path for a right hand to the face.  Bielkheden appears to have hurt McKenzie, then McKenzie raises his hands as if in Triumph. McKenzie’s mouthpiece goes flying and the ref attempts to make him put it back in but he refuses. Finally he puts it back in. McKenzie is absorbing shot after shot from the clinch, but shaking his head. He covers up, and accepts a hard shot in order to put a knee up the middle. Bielkheden hits a switch kick to the body, then presses forward with a left to the body and a right to the head that transitions well into his takedown. McKenzie on the bottom with butterfly guard, then escapes to his feet. Bielkheden with a jumping turning side kick, then McKenzie attempts a guillotine, but Bielkheden escapes before it is fully closed.

Round 2 – The Second round begins and Bielkheden takes the center. McKenzie eats a leg kick, then covers up as Bielkheden throws two heavy uppercuts. An overhand right leads to a takedown for Bielkheden, but Mckenzie uses his butterfly guard to keep Bielkheden off him. McKenzie waltzes forward like a zombie, landing a left hand before being pushed to the fence. KcKenzie, back to the fence, stays offensive with 2 hard knees, but is taken down. McKenzie creates space and dives between Bielkheden’s legs. He drives and elevates Bielkheden’s hips, but Bielkheden retains control until McKenzie escapes. McKenzie pushes forward , every part of his posture displaying defiance and piss and vinegar. McKenzie lands shots, then Bielkheden takes him down again. Bielkheden ends the round on top.

Round 3- The third round begins and the two touch gloves. McKenzie throws a 1-2, but Bielkheden crowds him throws punches from the clinch. McKenzie is a crafty Veteran, though, and secures a trip. He pounces and lands atop his opponent, throwing punches and covering Bielkheden’s mouth as he can. A large left elbow lands for McKenzie, followed by a right. A solid left hand from the American, who is pouring on a late onslaught with the clock ticking down against him. Bielkheden attempts to take an arm, but McKenzie throws a hard right hand and Bielkheden dives to the outside and reverses him. McKenzie attempts a deep half-guard sweep, and achieves it. He begins throwing heavy leather from within the guard of Bielkheden. A thumping left elbow from McKenzie has welted the right eye of Bielkheden. Bielkheden uses brute strength to force a scramble  and lands atop his American foe. Bielkheden attempts a guillotine, and McKenzie smiles and waves to the crowd as the 10 second mark is sounded. Bielkheden ends the round on top, in half guard.

@davidbielkheden wins

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At the end of 3 rounds, your winner by way of Unanimous Decision, David Bielkheden.

Martin Akhtar vs Antoine Gallinaro -61,2 kg
Round 1 – The fight commences with a touch of gloves, then the two commence the action. Akhtar throws a leg kick, then Gallinaro clinches and throws a knee up the middle. Gallinaro throws Akhtar to the mat, and pressures his way into side control. Akhtar escapes to the feet after a struggle, and throws a kick which is caught. Gallinaro attempts to throw a punch off of it, but misses. He turns the corner and forces Akhtar to the cage, where he unloads a few shots. Akhtar returns fire, but Gallinaro comes away cleaner. Gallinaro attempts a spinning back kick, but Akhtar puts him on the mat, and circles around to take his back. After applying some crushing punches, Akhtar sinks in a rear naked choke, and a forceful heaving of breath can be heard from Gallinaro. The tap comes seconds later.

Winner by way of Submission (Rear Naked Choke), in Round 1, Martin Akhtar.

Joachim Christensen vs Max Nunes -93 kg
Round 1 – The Challenger and Champion emerge, and the crowd roars for the main event of the evening. The two fighters touch gloves and Christensen attempts a right hand early  The Dane clinches and hits Nunes with a solid uppercut, but Nunes pushes him to the cage. The challenger uses pressure to keep Christensen against the fence and peppers his thighs with knees, but Christensen isn’t having it and reverses. This lasts a brief moment, and then Nunes takes the upper hand. Christensen reverses again, then they are separated for inactivity. The Champion is bloodied about the nose and mouth. Christensen initiates a clinch and pressures Nunes to the cage. Nunes struggles out only to be reversed once more. Nunes throws  knees with his back against the cage and the Champion returns the favor before finding his own back against the cage. Christensen refuses to be controlled for long, and pressures his way out, pressing forward to plant the Swedes back against the cage. The round ends with this back and forth tussle.

Round 2 – Nunes attempts to establish a jab, and lands a solid kick to Christensen’s body before being pressured against the cage by the champion. Christensen pursuing a takedown without success results in the ref restarting the match in the center. The two warriors exchange hard body kicks, but Christensen definitively takes the center. Christensen with an overhand right, then another. Though they don’t land flush the pressure is enough to put Nunes’ back to the cage once more. The Champion attempts a single leg, but it is quickly shaken off and the stalemate continues. The referee restarts the bout in the center once more and Nunes attempts a high kick that meets only air. Nunes throws a left straight, but comes up empty handed, and the return from Christensen finds Nunes chin. Christensen lands a side kick, and Nunes returns with a leg kick. Christensen powers him to the cage once more, just as the bell sounds.

Round 3 – Nunes opens the round on the outside but lands a vicious kick to the body of Christensen. Nunes follows with a leg kick, then circles and takes the Champion down with relative ease. The champion escapes to his feet, but Nunes takes his back as he forces him to the cage. The Danish Champion reverses him and searches for a takedown of his own as Nunes’ back touches the fence. The takedown is denied, but Christensen goes to work with knees to the leg and right hands to the body of the challenger from a single underhook clinch. The referee is not happy with the action, and restarts the fight once more. Nunes with a tentative leg kick before the champion once more applies his foot to the gas and takes the challenger to the cage. This time Christensen secures a takedown, but it is short lived and Nunes jumps back to his feet. Nunes’ is again pushed against the cage as the champion attempts to grind his way to a victory. The ref places them in the center and the two fighters clash once more, but Nunes achieves the upperhand and places the champion against the fence as the round ends.

At the end of the third round, your winner by way of Split Decision and still Superior Challenge Light Heavyweight Champion, Jaochim Christensen.

Respect – Split decision For the Dane

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